MS Dhoni’s Daughter, Ziva Dhoni’s Must Read Conversation With Mom, Sakshi Dhoni About Coronavirus

MS Dhoni's Daughter, Ziva Dhoni's

Celebrities have the loudest voice. Especially in the digital age, when Instagram and TikTok have become the carriers of information, what celebrities say and what they stand for make a huge impact among their followers. Unfortunately, only a few of them use their voice to make a difference in the world. Recently, Sakshi Dhoni became one of the few to use Instagram to send a message to the world. It couldn’t be more admirable and adorable.

MS Dhoni is our beloved Captain Cool. Not only did he prove his talents on the cricket field, but he has also made the nation proud by his unmistakable calm and grace. MS Dhoni and Sakshi Singh Dhoni are at the top of the list of adorable celebrity families. With the arrival of their daughter, Ziva, the cuteness just got doubled.

No one who has watched the video of Ziva Dhoni singing old Malayalam songs would say otherwise. Over the years, many videos and photos of Ziva hanging out with her father’s fellow cricketers, like Virat Kohli, have done rounds on the internet.

As it turns out, Captain Cool’s coolness and poise are shared by his wife Sakshi and inherited by their daughter. The times are tough, and the whole world is panicking over COVID-19. Sakshi Dhoni showed us how to keep calm in the midst of all that.

Sakshi Dhoni

In a post she captioned as “#stayclean #staysafe !”, she shares a dialogue between Ziva and her, regarding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that this has to be the cutest way of spreading caution. Young Ziva asks her mother, “Why haven’t these animals got the virus and only humans are getting infected?”. To which her mother replies, “We must have done something wrong.”

coronavirus pandemic

The wrong, implied here is, of course, the cavalier attitude that we have towards protecting and preserving nature. As she puts it, “we have not taken care of our mother nature.” Sakshi Dhoni tells Ziva that the outbreak, not unlike other calamities we have been witnessing recently, is nature’s way of “warning” us.

Ziva then goes on to ask what most of us ought to be asking: what do I do? The reply is precious, not only in the context of the outbreak but also in improving the quality of our life and the health of our planet. She says, “Keep your room clean. Throw trash in the dustbin. Don’t waste water and food. Pick up plastic and wrappers from the ground and put them in the bin. Don’t waste paper.”

She goes on to suggest planting trees and growing a herbal garden as healthy activities that the mother and daughter can do together. When food and products are becoming increasingly expensive and full of poison, this is a piece of advice that we can all take. The reward of doing the right things, Sakshi Dhoni says, is love from the Mother Nature. At times like this, we know that we are in dire need of more love from nature.


The post was a hit among her followers and other celebrities alike.

We have gone for so long neglecting the needs of the Earth, which may be causing our own downfall. There are more and more youngsters from the new generation who are fighting for a better future. Greta Thunberg made international news for standing up to climate change deniers. When we give the right kind of education to young children, they grow up to do good things. We must applaud Sakshi Dhoni for being a kind mother who cares enough about her daughter to raise her with good lessons. It is not only for Ziva, there is a lesson in there for all of us.

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