Moving Fast…

There is one four letter word I was happy to hear this past weekend, SOLD! We did it, we sold our house.

HOLD THE PRESS….. I wrote that two, well two and a half weeks ago, then I got distracted and have not picked up my laptop since! Still it was a super exciting day. We have always chosen private sale before when selling and we have never bid at an Auction either so it was such a rush of adrenaline.

Leading up to the sale I was actually fairly calm, I had lot of faith in our agent (I know weird, but I just had a good vibe about him), I trusted him to do his job, and it is a lot of trust to put into someone when your families financial future really depends on it. Still I just had this feeling that it was going to be ok, that we would be alright.

Right as the pre Auction open for inspection began the clouds decided it was the perfect time for a downpour! I sat in the car with my sister and two daughters and suddenly for the first time felt sick and anxious. It was the first time it really hit me that we may not sell at Auction, and after all the open for inspections and phone calls sending me into a cleaning ‘perfection’ frenzy over the past weeks I just wanted it to be over and done with.

Right before the Auction began we came back to the house, Steve and I and our kids, plus his brother and my sister all went upsets, the Auction was held inside downstairs due to the weather, but I was surprised to see a good turn out, I suddenly had some faith again.

Within a couple of bids it was on the market, I felt such relief knowing it was going to sell, but of course hoped for it to go a little higher, as the bids increased I could see Steve start to relax and it was quite fun sharing it with the kids too. Then we heard SOLD and we couldn’t stop smiling from relief.

What we weren’t quite expecting, even though we knew it could happen, was a 30 day settlement, which means at this very moment we have less than 2 weeks to be packed and moved! The buyer is from interstate and was actually headed to an Auction to buy another home when he saw ours was open, he fell in love and brought it!

We were suddenly in a frenzy of where do we live now! Although we knew where we want to move, we have until mid December with the children still at their current school, plus we had to start house hunting for December.

Somehow though things have aligned, we have been offered a lovely bed and breakfast on a property just 9 minutes drive from the children’s school to rent out until December and within one week of selling we actually found our new home!

Sunday just gone, my husband Steve asked me if I realised that it was two months to that day that he and I decided to take this leap of faith and head to a completely new area, to uproot our lives and the children’s and begin a new chapter, within that two months we have sold our current house, enrolled our children in new schools and brought our new home!

For two indecisive, procrastinators we sure moved fast this time! It seems crazy in many ways, but gosh it feels right! I will tell you more about our new home soon, for now packing boxes are staring me down! It really is the part that sucks the most!

Thanks for following along in my journey, Kylie xx

Cover photo Credit to Jessica Lewis