Moms Share Hilarious Moments Their Kids Totally Destroyed Their Makeup

Pearl Boshomane Tsotetsi, a mom and journalist in Johannesburg, South Africa, knows that “if you don’t hear a toddler for more than five seconds, you’ve got a problem.” But the three men taking care of Pearl’s daughter weren’t aware of this crucial parenting fact, which led to the unfortunate demise of Pearl’s Fenty Beauty highlighter palette.

In a hilarious Tweet, Pearl shared a photo of her smiling daughter, covered in an artful wash of of glittery blue and silver powders. In another photo, Pearl holds up the ruined makeup palette, each color cratered with child fingerprints. At $54 on, the Fenty Beauty palette is not cheap. To add insult to injury, it’s limited edition.

Plenty of moms paid their condolences to Pearl’s palette, and shared some hilarious stories of their own children’s attempts at makeup artistry.

As if using the palette wasn’t enough.

OK, but liquid lipstick does look a lot like nail polish.

Moms were torn between celebrating Pearl’s daughter’s “avant-garde” look, and jokingly encouraging Pearl to make her daughter get a job to pay for the ruined highlighter.

Waiting for her YouTube channel.

We hope she thanks Pearl in her acceptance speech.

LOL, not the inheritance.

Luckily for Pearl, this story has a happy ending. Thanks to all of the moms replying to Fenty via Tweets, the brand was kind enough to replace her palette for free.