Mom’s Refreshing Post on Dads Not Crediting Wives for Their Success Goes Viral

While working moms and stay-at-home moms live seemingly different lives, there’s one thing they definitely agree on: Parenting is hard work. Salary Negotiation Coach and Revenue Consultant Ashley Quinto Powell is a working mom with a big question. How come stay-at-home moms don’t get more credit for their husbands’ success? If stay-at-home moms didn’t stay home with the kids, would their husbands’ careers have the ability to thrive?

Ashley has good reason to pose this question as she’s seen it from the other side. Her husband became a stay-at-home dad in 2016 when her salary could support the two of them plus their two kids. She started flourishing professionally because her husband took care of everything at home that she might have been responsible for otherwise. She took to LinkedIn to bring up stay-at-home moms’ lack of credit.

“I didn’t have to be called out of meetings because of a sick kiddo. I didn’t have to take time off for doctor’s appointments. I could attend breakfast meetings and cocktail hours because there was someone taking care of that for our family.

“Men have been given this privilege, too. But I never hear stay-at-home moms credited this way. Ever.” Ashley wrote. Her post has garnered over 200 reactions and over 40 comments.

And she couldn’t be more right. Maybe it’s because moms are expected to stay at home with the kids and it’s never talked about how the stay-at-home parent’s support—from a mom or dad—is what helps the working parent succeed.

Ultimately, Ashley asks the most thought provoking question: “Do you have that kind of support? If not, what could happen to your career if you did?”

We love that she went there. In any relationship, support is a necessity. Whether both parents are working or just one, the emotional labor of taking care of the kiddos is immense.

We hope to see more credit given to the parents who stay home to take care of the kids because, let’s face it, it’s the biggest job you’ll ever take on!