Mom’s Homemade First-Period Kit for Her Daughter Goes Viral for Good Reason

When raising girls, it’s important to educate and prepare them for their first period. One mom, Shannon Glass, has gone above and beyond to make sure her daughter will be covered when this milestone happens, assembling a fantastic first-period preparation pack that she shared on her Facebook page.

“Moms of preteens/ teens, don’t let them be empty-handed when they inevitably start their cycle during middle school. (Some even start in elementary!) I have no clue when Danica will start but I’m making sure she’s prepared,” Shannon wrote in the picture’s caption. She said the kit is contained in an old bag from Ipsy, a makeup subscription service. The bag contains flushable wipes, menstrual pads marketed for teens and an extra pair of underwear. Shannon noted in the post that she would include a sandwich bag for dirty underwear in the bag as well.

Along with the essentials contained in the Ipsy bag, Shannon said that her daughter will keep a pair of black leggings in her backpack or locker.

Many who have commented on the Facebook post–which has since gone viral with more than 60K shares–pointed out how far we’ve come from even, say, a decade ago when the topic of menstruation was more taboo.

“Nice! We never got stuff like that in middle school,” one Facebook user lamented.

Another person responded, “How awesome! I was lucky enough to start over the summer when I was little, but can only imagine how much worse the already awkward experience would have been if I was caught without supplies at school.”

Shannon commented on her picture, announcing that her daughter is also interested in making more of these first-period kits to donate to her middle school and local high school.

“If anyone has Ipsy bags they do not need or wants to donate brand new undies in various teen sizes, teen pads and tampons and feminine/flushable wipes, please let us know!”

It’s not surprising that this genius little bag has gone viral. Putting together a few period essentials into a small bag guarantees that your daughter is well-equipped wherever and whenever the time comes.