Mom’s Hilarious Story of 3-Year-Old ‘Traumatizing’ Stranger is Best Thing You’ll Read All Day

An incident that happened to a mom while grocery shopping is gaining the attention of the Reddit community for being a hilarious reminder of what it’s like raising young kids.

In a post titled, “Today I may have traumatized a stranger with my feral 3-year-old,” Reddit user buckshill08 explained that while out with two of her three children—her 3-year-old “wild child” middle daughter, who was sitting in the grocery cart, and her 2-year-old son, who was sitting in the front seat—a “very sweet, soft spoken” elderly woman stopped to compliment her on how cute her children were.

“She tells me she’s just been blessed with her second great granddaughter … [and] goes on to say how the new baby and her sister are barely two years apart,” the OP wrote.

Naturally, as many of us would, the OP engaged the older woman in some polite conversation. “I make a quick, friendly comment about how they will be the best of friends and how the mom will adapt to juggle them both … ‘It’s not so hard!'” she wrote.

Famous last words. The OP soon realized she couldn’t see what her 3-year-old was doing while seated in the main cart, and that she was being quiet. And as all parents know, when things are too quiet, your kid is making a huge mess out of something.

All of a sudden, she hears her daughter utter, “Mmm, yummy.”


As it turns out, the 3-year-old hadn’t been making noise because she was enjoying the butter in the grocery cart she was seated in, and both the great-grandma and the OP found out at the same time.

“Great grandma stranger cuts off her reply and her face shifts to … horror. My daughter. In the span of less than a minute … has taken the pound of butter (the only item I deemed safe enough to place in the actual cart with her, the rest was underneath … She’s torn into it like a velociraptor with a ‘My Little Pony’ fetish. She’s inhaling the butter with one hand and using the other to smear it into her hair.”

The OP continued, “I left great grandma stuttering, with something along the lines of ‘Yeah, and sometimes it looks like this.'”

Yup, sounds about right!

Lesson: as much as you try to supervise your cute kids, there will be moments like the one the OP described when they’ll do something super weird.

Fortunately, the mom was able to see the bright side in the situation, and had a sense of humor about the whole thing. As the final line in her post, she wrote, “I think my explanation to the teenage cashier may have encouraged in him a renewed appreciation of birth control … or hopefully respect for his own mother.”