Mom’s Genius Cardboard Cutout Stops Her Toddler’s Separation Anxiety For Good

For parents of young kiddos, the hardest part of the day is often the beginning: school or daycare drop-off. It’s heart-wrenching to say goodbye to a child who is crying out for you. We have to leave them? To go into an office with adults?

Though it gets easier over time, there’s never been a simple solution—until now. One couple in Japan has found an unconventional method to ease their 1-year-old son’s separation anxiety.

Fuki Sato’s son cries every time she leaves the room, so she realized she needed to be there without really being there. She and her husband, Nezi, decided to create a cardboard cutout of her to leave in the room with their son when she had to go. Nezi posted a hilarious video of the couple’s first attempt with the cutout of Fuki standing and smiling.

While the adorable first attempt only lasted about 20 minutes before their little one caught on, they decided to give it another go, which proved successful. The second cutout, of Fuki kneeling on the floor smiling, has seemed to work. Nezi said their son now plays with his toys in front of the cutout, blissfully unaware.

The hack isn’t fool-proof and probably won’t last all that long, but it’s definitely worth a shot. I mean, just look at that face! We’re going to look into how much these cost so we can leave one at daycare.