Mom Who Went Viral After School Colored Her Son’s Hair With a Marker is Suing

Texas working mom Angela Wilson filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against her son’s middle school for coloring his hair last spring with a Sharpie.

Angela, who owns a beauty spa, wrote the following in a viral Facebook post from April:

“Juelz got a haircut on Tuesday with a design. On Wednesday at school, the Assistant Principal at Berry Miller Junior High in Pearland ISD told him he was out of dress code with his designs and decided to color my baby’s design with a PERMANENT MARKER!”

She said that in-school suspension was the only other option that her son, Juelz, 13, was given and that she was uninformed about the incident. What’s even more upsetting is that the marker didn’t wash off Juelz’s head until days later.

The defendants of the lawsuit include a principal, discipline clerk and teacher from Berry Miller Junior High, according to the Houston Chronicle. The lawsuit, which Angela filed with Juelz’s father, states that the teacher and discipline clerk laughed while they used the marker on Juelz’s head. It’s rightfully cited in the suit that he was discriminated against and assaulted.

How anyone could do something like this to a child is beyond us. The original Facebook post, which has over 5,700 reactions, included many angry comments.

“WTH is wrong with these teachers? A simple phone call or sending the child home would have been sufficient,” wrote Facebook user M Trecey Andersen.

While there’s a chance that justice will be served legally, we’re not sure if anything could make up for the emotional impact that this has had on Juelz and his parents. The lawsuit states that Juelz was “immensely humiliated and shamed,” according to Time.

Regardless of what the outcomes of this case will be, we hope that it sends a message to school officials that this type of discriminatory behavior is never the way to discipline a student.

“He’s going to remember this for the rest of his life, and it’s his eighth-grade year,” said Angela at a news conference, “I don’t want him having to deal with this. His middle school year is basically ruined.”