Mom Furious After 3-Year-Old Left Behind on Field Trip

A Houston, Texas, mom is outraged after her toddler was left behind on a school field trip—a trip he wasn’t even supposed to be on.

Kelsey Williams never signed the permission slip for 3-year-old Karter to go on the March 6 trip to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Karter was still taken on the field trip with the Head Start Program at Thompson Elementary because, Kelsey claims, the slip was signed by a teacher’s aide. Karter was separated from his class at the rodeo and was then left behind by his teacher when they returned back to the school, according to WBTV.

A random rodeo visitor found the tot and connected him with a different class from the school, so he was able to make it back to the school safely. But that wasn’t enough for Kelsey.

The mom doesn’t feel comfortable sending her boy back to the school and doesn’t think other parents should either. She wants the teacher held accountable for her actions.

“I honestly don’t think she should be an educator or someone to protect children,” Kelsey said. She called the teacher both “careless” and “irresponsible.”

“What if he felt like I’m not going to see my mom or my teachers left me, my friends left me, you know? Was he crying?” Kesley said to WBTV.

The school district did not answer any questions about disciplining the teacher and noted that the safety of its students is always its top priority.