Manager Calculates How Many Thousands She Saves a Year by Working from Home

As employers strive to keep up with the constantly transforming workplace, more and more companies are allowing employees to work from home. While we know remote work greatly benefits parents and cuts down on the environmental impact of commuting to work, one woman did the math on how much cash it was saving her per year. The results are what every employer needs to hear.

Staci (Simmons) Tischer, manager of marketing communications and creative services at Meetings & Incentives Worldwide, Inc. took to LinkedIn with the mind-boggling amount she saved by not needing office clothes, not attending happy hours and the like.

“I’m blessed to work from home. While there are many benefits, I was curious about how much cold-hard-cash I may have saved this year. A quick calculation brought me to about $5,500 saved on transportation costs, work-appropriate clothing (Re: Pants) and a 50% reduction of eating out (Re: Starbucks, Happy Hour, etc).”

While $5,500 is a significant number, money wasn’t the only thing Staci saved when she transitioned to working at home. She said remote work allowed her to change how she got work done—and made her more productive in terms of her job and her housework.

“I can also account for the fact that I am now super productive at home (Re: Chores, Errands). I end up cleaning dishes between meetings or decorating my house for the holidays—which I may or may not be doing right now.

“This flexibility is a blessing. Being able to spread my workday across any part of 24 hours really allows me and my coworkers to do what needs to be done without having to take PTO for doctor’s appointments and more.” Staci wrote. Her post has garnered over 100 reactions.

Though not all job sectors can provide remote work, this number is surely an incentive for companies that can. In hopes of attracting and retaining diverse talent, employers need take note—the sheer amount of savings is a promotion in itself!