Malfunction Alert! (And Right Before the Holidays)

Technology can be so wonderful. Like magic. A gift from the gods. Alas, gods can be so cruel!

Here at the top-secret Life Explained headquarters, nestled deep in the hills of some county, in the middle of an unnamed stater, there are problems.

Just a cooler.

On the high tech “water cooler” there was a “heating function” and all you had to do was press the “HOT” button and the “Dispense” button, and viola!  Hot water out of the Water Cooler. Technology is so wonderful. It was like magic. A gift from the gods.

Not hot, that’s not cool.

But, gods can be so cruel.  Now, when you press the “HOT” button and the “Dispense” button all you get is cold water.  It isn’t even “warm,” though it might qualify for “tepid.”  We have sent samples out to some of the top labs in the world and hope to have an answer soon.

This once heated the water for tea
at the signing of the Declaration of

Now, when hot water is needed you have to get cold water, and heat it up in the microwave, like a caveman, like an animal!  And that takes so long!  It is like the dark ages around here.

We can’t work under conditions like this, we are artists.