Make Stress a Depreciating Currency

Everyone is talking about Bitcoin.

Most people are talking about the state of the world economy.

Some people are talking about the cost of global warming.

No one is talking about the currency of stress.

* * *

Stress is a human currency that we all have great stock in. Both good (eustress) and bad (distress) make up our lives. Stress allows us to function and it keeps us alive. Both good and bad.

Too much distress can do just the opposite. An abundance of distress can slowly destroy us. I want to talk about that stress.

I recently read an amazing blog on Business Insider about the stress of career burn out and it really had me thinking, “No one is truly talking about stress”.

In your own life, I am sure there are stressors that weigh you down. I am sure there are some days that the world wins and you go to bed defeated. My encouragement for you today is to treat those days and all days like your bank account.

For the next thirty days I want you to evaluate your bad stress levels as a currency. I want you to make a note on your iPhone to start a stress account (SA) that starts at $1000.

Each time something occurs in the next thirty days that causes bad stress in your life I want you to deduct $100 from your SA. Make note to what that stressor is.

If the stressor is really severe and totally knocks you down I want you to withdraw $200 from your SA. Make a note to what that stressor is.

At the end of thirty days, I want you to take stock of where your SA is at. Is it flush? In the black? In the red?

Win the day. Make distress a depreciating currency.

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