Major U.K. Media Company Creates Menopause Policy to Help Their Women Employees

While many companies have policies to aid pregnant women, new moms, new dads and even adoptive parents—policies which are generally far more generous in European companies—one U.K. media company is extending these benefits to an overlooked group: menopausal women.

For women experiencing menopausal symptoms, Channel 4 is implementing a host of benefits. According to the company, this includes more flexible work arrangements as well as cooler, private workspaces, paid leave if women are feeling sick due to symptoms, a workspace assessment to ensure it isn’t worsening symptoms, as well as guidance and resources. They will also create menopause awareness briefings for its leadership teams. This is the first European company to implement such policies.

The new changes are aimed to help women experiencing hot flashes, anxiety, fatigue and other symptoms associated with the decline of reproductive hormones when reaching their 40s or 50s.

The company also has a dedicated Menopause Champion and an in-house gender equality staff network, 4Women, who are administering the new policy.

“Too many women suffer in silence due to the stigma around the menopause. We wanted to open up the conversation at Channel 4 and in doing so prompt the media industry to also start talking more about how they can better support women transitioning through it,” Jane English, co-chair of 4Women, said.

The initiative was launched to coincide with World Menopause Day on Friday, Oct. 18.