Knott’s Is Nutty with Its Annual Peanuts Celebration

Charles M. Schulz gave us some of the most recognized and beloved characters through his comic strip, “Peanuts.” You and your family can celebrate Snoopy, Linus, Lucy and good ol’ Charlie Brown at Knott’s Berry Farm’s Peanuts Celebration each weekend now through March 1. 

Look out for unique photo opportunities that let you step right into the “Peanuts” comic strip at the park’s main entrance and throughout Camp Snoopy. Rock out to family-friendly band The Jelly of the Month Club at the Calico Mine Stage for Woodstock’s Music Festival. Kids can pen their own comic strip at Peanuts Sketch School inside the Bird Cage Theatre, where a resident art teacher helps kiddos draw their favorite character. And in Calico’s Town Hall, the Charles M. Schulz Museum presents the Pigskin Peanuts Exhibit, chronicling the comic’s football-themed stories and gags. 

Of course, there are peanut-flavored snacks and treats to mark the occasion, too. 

Yellow Charlie Brown Macarons filled with Nutella and decorated with Charlie Brown’s signature single zig-zag stripe are fun treats for the whole family. You’ll find them at the Ghost Town Bakery.

Wash it down with an Everything Peanut milkshake stuffed with peanut butter, ice cream, peanut butter cups and topped with whipped cream and a peanut butter cookie. Or try the Butterscotch Blondie milkshake with crushed butterscotch candy, butterscotch syrup and crowned with a blondie. Both shakes are available at Coasters Diner.

Kids can enjoy PB&J in two fun, new ways. The Deep Fried Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich is fried to crispy perfection and dusted with powdered sugar at Ghost Town Grub, while the Peanut Butter and Jelly Roll cake is available by the slice ($2) or whole cake ($9). Get a chocolate chip-, M&M’s- and mini-marshmallow-studded cookie appropriately named, “Everything But the Kitchen Sink” Cookie, drizzled with chocolate and peanut butter at Grizzly Creek Lodge.

If you are looking for a peanut snack that is savory instead of sweet, try the Thai Herb & Peanut Pizza from Beachy Keen’s Pizza.

If your kids have nut allergies, fear not. There are plenty of treats that don’t involve peanuts.

The Dilly Dilly Dog combines two of Knott’s most popular snacks by placing a hotdog inside a dill pickle, dunking the whole thing in corn dog batter and deep frying it. Find it at Strictly-On-A-Stick in Calico Park. The Tooty Frutti Funnel at Cake Log Ride Funnel Cake is sprinkled with Fruity Pebbles and topped with a Tooty Frutti rice crispy marshmallow square. Root beer is an old-fashioned treat and Knott’s favorite that inspired the Sarsaparilla Trifle, which layers pound cake, root beer custard, whipped cream, root beer gummies and a cookie “straw.” Classic sugar cookies featuring all your favorite Peanuts pals can be found at Ghost Town Bakery. Just watch out for kite-eating trees!

Story and Photos by Sarah Mosqueda