Jennifer Garner’s Hack for Entertaining Kids Indoors Will Save Every Work-from-Home Mom

Over the weekend, Jennifer Garner shared a genius trick for keeping kids entertained at home for hours—and best of all, it’ll cost you close to nothing.

The actress, who has three children—daughters Violet, 13, and Seraphina, 10, and son Samuel, 7—with ex-husband Ben Affleck, wrote about the hack and posted photos about it to her Instagram.

“If your house has run out of fun here at the end of the summer (‘Mom, I’m bored 😑’) here’s an idea: my kids (plus one crafty nanny 🏆) made little construction paper animals and hid them, taped on walls, all over the house. An 🐊 (alligator) behind the kitchen sink, a sloth hanging below the TV, a 🐑 (sheep) in the powder room,” she wrote. “They were busy and happy for a long time, and finding the animals is 🤩😊😂.”

The idea sounds so simple—you just need scissors, construction paper, markers and tape—that it just might do the trick, and help parents who have to get work done with kids in the house, whether it’s after the camp or school day or when they’re home sick.

According to Jennifer, the activity not only helped her kids pass the time, but also resulted in her son creating something to make bedtime more fun. “P.S. There is now a control panel next to my son’s bed that I use to power him down at night. It is ⭐️⭐️⭐️. #ihadnothingtodowithanyofthis #iwasparentingachicken #wehavetohelpeachothergettolaborday❤️😂”

Instagram users really appreciated the post, with many saying they were going to steal Jennifer’s idea. Several also said that they thought her nanny was awesome (props to Jennifer for not just mentioning she indeed has a nanny, but also recognizing how great she is), and that the control panel idea is amazing.

“Love this! And the control panel—totally up my 5-year-old’s alley! I’m going to see if he’ll build one of those for me!!😂” wrote one mom.

One user hilariously commented that the idea might even work for older kids, writing, “We have a mouse that we each hide and then have to hide again like the mouse in ‘Good Night Moon!’ Oh, by the way, my daughter is 23-years-old! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”

If you happen to follow Jennifer on Instagram, you’ll know that she likes to discuss her parenting experiences on the social media platform—from talking about the outcome of giving her kids a “Yes Day,” to revealing she had an outfit fail for her son’s themed birthday. Knowing all this about Jen makes her so relatable.

As one user summed it all up, “Following @jennifer.garner is the gift that just keeps giving!”