I’ve Lost My Sexy. Ask Allana

I have not felt like myself lately. I just don’t feel sexy anymore or find that any guys find me attractive anymore.

Question: I have not felt like myself lately. I just don’t feel sexy anymore or find that any guys find me attractive anymore. I haven’t put on weight but I feel so fat. How can I drop this funk that I am in?

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Answer: That is such a great question – I never feel like that! HA! Yes, I have! First of all, when I get my cycle – I feel like that. Instead of trying to make myself feel wrong or change it or put sprinkles on top of an ice cream cone of shit that I am feeling like – I just get in the bath, I just put on a sad movie, I just let whatever wants to come through me, come through me and ask myself – can I learn to love her too? Can I learn to love the part of me that feels insecure as much as I love the part of me that feels badass? So that’s the first step – don’t resist; don’t indulge either in unhealthy behaviors. Just allowance, honor, acceptance.

Number 2 – sometimes we are not picking up on our own energy. So who does this funk belong to? Return to sender with a blessing, kindness, compassion, and consciousness. Do that a few times and see if that makes you feel better, quite often – it is not even you. Third, when we want to show up in life and take the next risk of authenticity, the next risk of intimate communion – sometimes we bump up against a part of us that is ready to evolve and in front of that or on top of that is the part of us that needs a little more love.

It could just be that there is some inner work to do in terms of redefining your sexy. Ask yourself – What is: not needing a guy’s attention to feel worthy? It could just be time to take care of you even more. Do more sensual practices. It may be time to take your self-love to the next level. Celebrate you! It could just be some deep wound that just needs some profound healing and loving that is going to be a springboard to which you soar into 2016 more deliciously than ever.

All my love,


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