Important Factors to Make A Relationship Successful – Know What Are They

Neither money nor hot looks are important to lead a happy and successful relationship. Relationships are often considered to be a complex topic to understand. Although, attraction occurs among individuals initially, once it develops into friendship, and then marriage the relationship takes a new turn.

The only thing that is echoed by different experts is values. That is, the way your partner will see things such as family, religion, money, sex, and society. All these, will have an impact on the relationship.

According to psychotherapists, relationship experts, and counselors, there are various components of a successful relationship including trust, commitment, relationship closeness, way of handling conflicts, relationship itself, sharing responsibilities, and more. Let us know about them in detail:


Trust is the foundation to build a good relationship between two people. Honesty, sincerity, and clearness are crucial to build and to maintain trust in any relationship. Trust is completely based on dependability and reliability that are hard to attain, especially in the case of a person who has been cheated or betrayed earlier.

Trust is a simple, delicate factor, once it is broken very hard to get it back. Trust is not only about keeping promises but also protecting one another’s heart. Trusting one another is essential to maintain a relationship lifelong.

Relationship closeness

When a relation progresses, both the partners will know one another fully and they begin to care for each other more. In a successful relationship, partners feel closer over time, while in an unsuccessful relationship closeness will not increase, sometimes decreases.

When partners become close, they feel their relationship is successful because of caring, acceptance, social support, and warmth.

It is easy to interpret closeness through the satisfaction of people with the relationship and tendency of staying together. In a close relationship, the partners become attuned to other’s need that is goals and desires of others as more than or equally important as their own needs.


Partners who are close can not only uphold positive feelings about their relationship, but also expresses negative feelings as well. Moreover, these couples can use their partner’s positive behavior to feel superior about them.

Both physical, as well as emotional intimacies, are important to build a healthy relation. Emotional intimacy makes the couple feel secure and safe with one another. Open communication helps to built and nurture it. Cuddling, intercourse, and hand-holding are forms of physical intimacy that keep up the romance in couples.

Way of handling conflicts

The way you manage conflict is more important in a relationship compared to material components. If the partners can try to avoid bringing up controversial topics that bother their relationship and them, then there will be no scope to get an argument between each other.

Also, respect others feelings, never, ever undermine, listen to what other’s saying and give a thoughtful response to it. Everyone will have own style of handling conflict. If you can figure out your own style and handle conflict appropriately then, every discussion or argument you enter can bring you and your partner closer together over time.

According to relationship experts, emotional intelligence, ability to manage conflict, close friendship is aspiration of a relationship harmony. If you can maintain all these, then you can strengthen your relationship.

Partners who are emotionally intelligent can know other’s world. They can nurture admiration and fondness for one another. Also, emotional intelligence nurtures deep friendship, embodies respect and love.

All these, not only make a relationship strong but also protects it from the negative experiences too. If you are emotionally intelligent you can easily tackle conflicts when they arise.


One of the important factors that differentiate both long-term and short-term relationships is commitment. It means actions and feelings that keep couples working jointly to uphold their relationship.

When a family grows and couples begin to look after their household activities together like taking care of children, elderly parents, etc, then the relationship requirement become bigger.

Due to these responsibilities, couples in close relationship turn to one another for co-coordinating activities and social support. So, close relationship partners are dependent on one another to achieve their goals.

Couples who are committed to their relationship perceive their mates more attractive compare to others. Also, they cannot imagine themselves being with others. Commitment and interdependence help the relationships to stay longer.


Considering and respecting each other is important to maintain healthy relationship. In a successful relationship, partners will respect one another’s opinions, thoughts, aspirations, and dreams. This doesn’t mean you have to agree all the decisions, but you need to respect them.

Love is crucial part of relationship. According to psychological studies, romantic love influences affective, behavioral, and cognitive components, but only the experience varies.

Tips to make your relationship successful

  • Each and every relationship will have conflicts. This doesn’t mean you have a bad relationship with your partner. If you can work with minor conflicts, your partner and you can enhance social skills. With this, you can make your relationship stronger.
  • Negative emotions and cognitions have harmful influence over relationships. So, avoid negative behavior and thinking and improve positive feelings.
  • In close relationship, people often tend to blow-up their self-worth. Also, they feel their behavior is superior to their partner. Remember that no one is perfect in this world, try to boost self-confidence of your partner.
  • The social exchanging principle that is if you behave nice with others, they will give same to you in return. So, try to make your partner happy.
  • Couples who have good humor and positive moods may not feel bored and enjoys spending more time with their partners.

Breaking up of a relationship can cause generous pain. Partners experience more pain if they break up after a long-run relationship due to commitment and interdependence.

People who break up with their partner lose love and support of a person whom they care. These people need a lot of time to recover and move from it. Few people even face psychological difficulties in such situations.

Speak to your partner openly, express your feelings and love towards your partner and try to understand your partner feelings. Also, maintain close and romantic relationship with your better half to make your married life successful. Couples who spend more time with one another can likely win one another’s heart.

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