I Love You but I Can’t Marry You — Sorry

If you have encountered this type of problem, you may feel broken. Don’t worry and read on to know what you should do…

It’s a story that we are familiar with: couples meet, fall in love, date for some days or weeks, begin merging their lives, and then a time comes when one of them wants to marry and the other person is not ready for it.

If this is your story, there are so many ways to solve the problem. Sit with your partner and let him or her know why things aren’t working in the way you had dreamt of.

We Never Had An Honest Talk

Communication can clear up a lot of confusion. If you have made your mind that you won’t marry the person you are dating, we suggest you give it another shot and tell them what is the actual problem.

If there is no communication, the chance is that marriage will end up feeling more like business transactions than a celebration of love. If your partner is ready for long-term commitment and you are not, you need to speak to them immediately or let them move on with someone else.

We Don’t Trust And Respect One Another

Trust and respect are key to a successful relationship. If you feel that your partner is not worth your time, you need to tell them clearly rather than wasting your and their time.

Remember that marriage is a big responsibility; no matter how much you love them, they cannot always be trustable and respectable. It will be painful for you to leave your partner, but at the end of your day, your self-respect is more than love or affection.

Let me give you an example from my own life. My husband uses to abuse me. I love him, but I don’t want to live with him. I have kids to take care of, and there is no financial support. Even in this situation, I want to leave this man because he has never respected or valued me in the way I actually deserve.

If your partner is ready to get married, but you think that they don’t respect you or you cannot trust them for a lifelong relationship, it is better to quit than making your life miserable.

We Have Had Serious Fights

It all comes down to happiness; ask yourself if you can live happily with them after marriage. If no, you need to quit or sort out things as soon as possible.

There are times when we all hesitate to marry, especially when we have had fights with our partner. A relationship doesn’t work this way; it needs to have respect, freedom, happiness, trust, and beauty. The beauty lies in how much quality time you spend with one another.

If you keep avoiding their calls or don’t want to go out with them to have some fun, this is not the right kind of relationship. You should also not marry them if there have had been so many fights between both of you. It is better to make a wise decision: solve the problem by communicating or say goodbye to each other.

Can you easily leave the person you love?

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