I Am Tired Of Working For the Man

“I am tired of working for the man,” said one of my new acquaintances. I knew what she meant—she was tired of working for other people. Substitute “man” for “woman” if that is the case for you. I have noticed as I have grown older, I also

was tired of working for other people. I have my own goals and dreams.

I also hear it a lot when I meet new people. Since I am inquisitive and I have nearly three decades of working in Human Resources, I want to know why people are tired of working for others. So, I ask them to share their thoughts with me.

The common trends of responses are:

– Mistreatment in the workplace
– Ignored ideas, or there is no buy-in on ideas
– Feeling disposable and not valued

Let’s be fair—this is a two-way street. Employers are also having their fair share of time behind the office door with employees who violate company rules or mistreat other employees. Working for others is not for everyone!

If you are an employee who is ready to ignite that entrepreneurship streak—you will soon find out what you are good at and what you are not good at as you begin to work for yourself. One of the best things I have ever done is ask for business advice. One of my business mentors, Blaine Greenfield, has given me solid advice on some of my business plans. He was a mentor who volunteered at our local SCORE. You can find out more about their business model and how to find a mentor at https://www.score.org.

Today, I checked out SCORE’s website and read their statement, “SCORE is here to help. The coronavirus has hit small businesses hard, but SCORE’s 10,000 mentors can help you during this difficult time. During hard times, such as the pandemic, many folks are reinventing themselves and looking for other ideas with work. I loved working with Blaine because he had many years of business experience, and he was no-nonsense when he gave me feedback on my thoughts. All of us benefit from having a mentor and especially now, a business mentor.

There are other programs out their like SCORE. If you are keen on new experiences or to improve some of your business plans—reach out and find a credible mentor to support you on your journey. It has made a world of difference in my personal life and business. Blaine opened my eyes to things I had never thought of when I wanted to expand my business. Shouldn’t we all be happy, doing the work we love? Life is very long when we are not happy. So—make the appropriate changes in your work that make you happier.

I believe in respectful, civil work environments—check out my other articles at https://goodmenproject.com/author/consultwithdawngmail-com.



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