How to Save Money on Uber Eats for Current Customers

Uber eats is a great way to get meals delivered conveniently, but the service is so popular that you’re probably already a user, which means you probably already know that. If you are like most other users though, you’re interested in ways to use the platform without adding an extra burden to your pocket. Unfortunately, the most obvious and valuable discounts on Uber eats are the ones targeting new customers. So how do you order Uber to eat as an existing customer while being gentle in your own pocket? Let’s explore your options.

Order Economically

The most obvious way to keep your Uber Eats tab low is to order economically. This means selecting the less expensive items on the menu.  If you team up with your roommate or neighbor, you may be able to save some money on your Uber eats bill. This way, you can split the cost between two or more people. The only drawback though is the fact that you’ll have to use one delivery address. This means that either you or your neighbor has to be willing to step out next door to collect the meal when it arrives.

Take Advantage of Restaurant Deals

Another way to save on your Uber eats bill is to capitalize on discounts and deals already offered by restaurants. Many restaurants offer seasonal deals and specials. Some restaurants also offer discounts based on the volume of the purchase. There are even those restaurants that offer discounts depending on the day of the week. Half off specials are great as well. Look out for these deals and purchase accordingly. When you do, instead of worrying about the Uber eats charge you’ll have plenty of money leftover from the difference between the normal price and the discount one to spare.

Use Discount Codes

But the Uber eats saving strategy that is taking the industry by storm is the use of user codes.  Despite the fact that the most impressive savings are enjoyed by newly registered users, existing customers who are deal savvy can benefit from a slew of deals applicable to them.  In addition to the deals offered by Uber Eats itself, there are deals offered by the restaurants that partner with the meal delivery service. These deals may be related to seasons, or they may be location-specific. Others have criteria that cause them to be valid under specific circumstances such as within a certain time frame.

So how do you know that the deals you’re trying to capitalize on are still valid? There are websites that compile the most recent promo codes that can help you get amazing food delivery discounts from Uber Eats. By using credible and current Uber eats existing user codes for 2020, you can cut your food delivery bill and keep some of your cash in your pockets.

A combination of these strategies can help you to cover your UberEats bill economically. So go ahead and order your UberEats deliveries with confidence.