How to Finally Get Your Messy Purse in Order with an Organizer Insert

Your purse is your lifeline, filled with essentials to survive the day. We’re talking your wallet and phone, lipstick and mirror, and work necessities such as a laptop. But when it feels like you’re digging through a never-ending hole to locate your keys, it’s not good for your productivity or your sanity. The easiest way to find what you need as soon as you need it? One simple tool: an insertable organizer. Here’s some of the best available for all size bags—and messes!

Keeps Your Bag In Tact

The benefits of an organizer made of a lightweight yet durable material such as felt (like this one) include that it won’t bend or push against your bag. That is, it’ll keep your bag’s natural shape without forming creases. You can feel good about filling up all its pockets while keeping your bag intact.

Use in a Bag or Solo

An organizer insert with a zippered top makes for two key features. First, it ensures that your belongings stay put and don’t fall out or slide around. This is especially useful if your purse doesn’t completely close at the top. And second, in a pinch, you can use this organizer all alone while traveling, especially if you plan on using multiple bags.

A Place for All the Little Things

A waterproof surface, such as nylon, ensures that your things always stay safe and dry. Another important feature to look for? Compartments specifically for little things such as keys, pens and earbuds—and this insert has pockets and cords to keep those small-but-mighty essentials at your fingertips.