How To Avoid Dangerous Motorcycle Incidents

Motorcycle riding can be dangerous. Despite the dangers, bikes do have several advantages over cars when it comes to avoiding crashing, things like: incredibly powerful brakes, vision-free obstruction, excellent handling, and very grippy tires. You can also wear safety accessories such as helmets and shin pads to further enhance your safety. Here’s how these tools and your own brain can be used to avoid some of the most common types of motorcycle accidents.

Pro-tip: in case you do unfortunately get into an accident, you can always call motorcycle injury lawyer Greg Baumgartner to get you out of a sticky spot! Getting legal help is a good idea because they will be able to help you claim damages that you wouldn’t be able to get on your own. Nevertheless, keep reading to find out how to stay safe on the road!

Always be aware of the road

While it may sound obvious, there are moments when riders are not paying full attention to one common reason for motorcycle accidents. It is the same with operators of motor vehicles and is due to one main thing: habitual behavior. Regardless of how long you’ve been riding a motorcycle, it’s important to remember that you’re running a heavy piece of machinery and are going to be doing the same around other people. Be aware of everything around you including other drivers, road conditions, road hazards and other factors that could have an adverse impact on your driving experience.

Don’t forget your helmet

Any time you get on your motorcycle to go somewhere, it’s extremely important to wear a helmet. Whether you’re traveling down the street or across the city, if you get into an accident, wearing a helmet could be the only object between life and death. Additionally, it’s important to always have an additional helmet for passengers with your motorcycle. You should always be buying new safety gear for motorcycles. Never buy a helmet that is used. Used helmets can be damaged, and may not meet the latest safety standards.

Follow the speed limit

Not much of the fatal motorcycle accidents are caused by speed. This is particularly true when increased speed is applied to motorcyclists who try to take sharp turns and lose control of their motorcycles. Follow the speed limits set for roads, back roads, and residential areas. This will help keep you safe and prevent you from not being able to turn properly, run into a pedestrian or vehicle and hydroplane. It will also help you avoid getting into trouble with law enforcement following the set speed limits on the roads you’re driving.

Don’t share lanes

Treating your motorcycle as if it were a motor vehicle is relevant to your safety and your survival. Two full-size cars would never be seen driving side-by-side on the interstate or in a residential area. Do not think to do so on a motorcycle is acceptable. Your bike is, understandably, far more compact than most motor vehicles. But that doesn’t excuse you from sharing lanes and maneuvering dangerously through traffic.

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