Hilarious Twitter Thread Proves Why Gen X Is Totally Ready for Quarantine

The new coronavirus is pretty scary—which is why state and local governments are shutting down schools and businesses.

We’re all going to spend a lot of time isolated in our homes for the next few weeks (or more). A lot of people have panicked—hoarding toilet paper, hand sanitizer and guns—but one group is taking it in stride.

Writer Lauren Hough took to Twitter to describe why Gen X, the generation born between 1965 and 1980, is uniquely suited to handle these trying times:

Her hilarious observation kicked off a spate of follow-up tweets about Gen X resiliency, and we’re cracking up at these wry observations.

Soon enough, #GenX was trending, and all of Twitter jumped in on the joke…

As a Millennial myself, I can’t say I’ve handled the outbreak with the same humor and equanimity. Hats off to you, Gen X. I admire your chill.