Hilarious Twitter Thread of Teens’ Messy Bedrooms is Comedy Gold

Sports journalist Jacquie Beltrao made the mistake of walking into her 19-year-old son’s bedroom and had no choice but to take photos of the monstrosity.

The UK mom took to Twitter with a photo of the shocking scene, alongside some incredibly accurate emojis. Her post sparked a hilarious thread, with parents of teens offering up their own frightening photos, sage advice and well wishes.

“Can anyone compete with that?” Jacquie challenged. Of course, plenty of parents could.

The competition is pretty damn stiff.

The mom of a cockapoo (a mix between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, apparently) posted a pic of an arguably comparable mess.

One dad couldn’t even wait for his teen to leave the room before snapping a pic.

Twitter users—parents and innocent bystanders alike—had some pretty hysterical things to say about the teen’s room.

“Floordrobe,” that’s a new one!

This is probably how she felt dropping off the sweatshirts—which he of course had left behind in another part of the house.

Sounds about right.

While we’re hoping he outgrows it (or simply moves out ASAP), anyone who’s been a parent of a teen can relate. As much as we’re sure she wants to keep the door closed, having a mess like that in your home can be hard.

This would be a good starting point.

A pretty simple solution.

Mom might turn into a matchmaker soon if her teen doesn’t get the message.