Halloween Baby Names: The Ultimate List of Lists

Halloween Baby Names The Ultimate List of Lists

It is the spookiest time of the year. And if you are someone who enjoys Halloween more than any other holiday and loves all things spooky, you definitely want to continue reading. And if you are pregnant and due this month, you may want to think of a Halloween-inspired baby name. Because why not? After all, there should be names that celebrate the flavor of the month – October while also allowing you to express your personal style. If you are looking for something with a mystical meaning or leaning a bit toward the dark side, we have got you covered with our inspirational list.

1. Casper


What better way to start our list than with the friendliest and rather cute ghost? Casper: The Friendly Ghost became popular from a 1930’s children’s book which later got made into an animated movie.

2. Edward


Robert Pattinson rose to fame after playing the role of the gorgeous vampire Edward Cullen in the movie Twilight. Edward is described as a mythical Greek god in the book by Stephenie Meyer with a sense of morality that is uncommon among their kind.

3. Carrie

Inspired by Stephen King’s popular horror novel, Carrie is a popular name for girls. Carrie is raw and powerful as depicted in the novel

4. Blair


Blair, from The Blair Witch Project, is a good fit for a girl’s name. The name has Scottish and Gaelic origins.

5. Damien


The character from The Omen franchise, Damien is the name of the antichrist child in the movie. Damien is a popular name for boys with variants such as Damian. Will you dare to name your child over this devil incarnate?

6. Black


Black is a dark and mystical name. It’s also a favorite color among goblins, ghosts, and witches. And if you love the color black, all the more reason to pick this monicker for your baby girl.

7. Cullen


The Twilight saga definitely popularised the family name, Cullen. What many don’t know is that it is an Irish name which means holly.

8. Dorothy

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz is a favorite among all, including children. Dorothy is portrayed as a powerful character who has no fear.

9. Sabrina


A teenager with magical powers who comes from a family of witches. Sabrina The Teenage Witch was a popular American sitcom which later got made into a movie as well.

10. Zelda

Zelda has been inspiring Halloween costumes for years now. Not only is Zelda the name of one of the aunts in the sitcom Sabrina The Teenage Witch, but it is also a monicker from the video game The Legend Of Zelda.

11. Pheobe

It is the name of the fun quirky witch from the TV show Charmed. Pheobe is also the name of the eccentric character from the show Friends.

12. Anabbel

The woman from Edgar Allan Poe’s last poem, Anabbel Lee is a woman who meets a tragic fate. And let’s not forget the spooky film about the scary doll Anabelle.

13. Draco


Draco Malfoy is a twisted and dark character in the Harry Potter series. He is also Harry’s chief rival who is shown as a villain for the most part of the story.

14. Blue

This Monster High monicker is a swim team member and Creature from the Black Lagoon’s daughter. Blue has gained traction as a girl’s name ever since Beyonce named her daughter Blue Ivy.

15. Matilda


This Swedish name is on the list because of the supernatural girl from the movie that goes by the same name. Matilda is a super smart girl who knows how to defend herself.

16. Freddy


This list wouldn’t be complete without Freddy Krueger from the teen horror flick, A Nightmare on Elm Street. The name Freddy is quite popular in Europe and America and has many diminutives such as Alfred or Fred.

Would you consider choosing any of the above monickers from the list? Are there any other Halloween inspired names that you would like to share with us?

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