Guide To Creating Yummy Christmas Gift Box of Italian Snacks

Christmas is getting closer (add Hurray! here)! This is the time of the year when children look forward to getting beautiful dresses and tasty treats. Their imagination runs wild to decorate their homes with glittering lights and enjoy dinner with families and friends.

Make this festive season tastier for your guests with food baskets for Christmas.

Italy is well-known around the world for its great range of delicious foods and snacks. Many of them are popular Italian eatables that many regions in the European country have been making for the last many years. Some of these foods can be enjoyed only in Italy, while others are available outside the country today. Many famous Italian brands ship their products to different parts of the world. You can add a few of them in your food baskets for Christmas and make your guests experience traditional tastes from the region.

Here are some delicious Italian Christmas cookies and food products to add to your gift basket: 

  • Pebbles Made of Almonds and Chocolate

Almonds are a vital ingredient in many Italian dishes and sweets. There are plenty of traditional Italian recipes only around almonds. If you are thinking of adding a unique item from the European country to your gift box, then get Ciottoli dei Calanchi. These are little pebbles made of almonds and chocolate.

Made of quality almonds and dark chocolate, the pebbles are delicious sweets that make a sumptuous replacement of commonly-found chocolates.

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  • Extra Dark Chocolate

Italy is home to several famous chocolate brands. If you are among those people who like to have their chocolate pure and unsweetened, then go for an Italian brand’s Christmas dark chocolate. Different from chocolates found in other parts of the world, these offer a worth-remembering experience to anyone who tastes them. From taste to touch and smell, genuine chocolate products from the region are better than chocolates from other places of the globe.

This Christmas, add extra dark chocolate from the European country to your gift box and make your guests experience the real taste of dark chocolate.

When it comes to the best place for traditional Christmas cookies in the world, Italy is at the top of the list. From almond biscotti and amaretti to pignoli, there are many types of traditional cookies from the region that you do not find anywhere else in the world. Most of them are made using traditional methods. Many popular cookie brands in the country make these unique cookies and supply them to different parts of the world.

Buy Italian Christmas cookies online from a reputed store and add them to your gift box for this festive season.

Candies! Christmas is incomplete without them. This time of celebration, tantalize the sweet tooth of your guests with chocolate candies that make them experience the authentic Italian taste. Several popular brands from the European region make delicious candies using traditional recipes. Many of them are filled with almonds and hazelnuts. Different from candies found in your nearby supermarket, these Italian candies carry an unmatchable taste and a perfect balance of delicious ingredients.

Make your Christmas gift box unique and exciting with high-quality, delicious candies made using traditional recipes.


There are multiple ways to make Christmas memorable by giving gifts to guests. By adding Italian snacks to your basket, you can enhance your guests’ food experience. Choose items made by famous Italy-based brands at a reputed online Italian food store. Create unique food baskets for Christmas and let people taste traditional snacks from the European country.