Guide To Buying Running Shorts As A Gift

Sports and Fashion. Gone are the days that these two concepts are poles apart when actually, sportswear has become one of today’s latest fashion trends, from sweatpants to running shorts, sports jackets, and hoodies. Fashion is getting more practical nowadays, donning aesthetics, function, and comfort.

Is summer getting too warm, or are you tired of wearing tight jeans? Wear running shorts. Running shorts are your go-to piece of sports apparel. You’d think that they’d be too plain to wear outside the world of sports, but you’d be surprised how well they work as they are detailed thoroughly in sites such as and the like.

You could never go wrong with a good pair of running shorts. You probably already have one or more for yourself, as it could be within your preference of clothing. But how do you choose the ideal pair as a gift for someone else? 

Follow fashion trends and know what’s in or out.

Denim shorts were ‘in’ during the 80s, cargo shorts in the 90s, and baggy shorts in the 2000s. Nowadays, sportswear is overrunning casual wear, namely sports shorts or running shorts. I mean, we all have noticed groups of teenagers sporting shorts famously worn as sports uniforms or kits by football athletes.

Sports or Style? Or how about both?

Find out whether or not the recipient is inclined to either sports, fashion, or both. You might find that they’re rather sporty, by then you’d be able to pinpoint the design or material they’d likely prefer. But some shorts fit both descriptions quite perfectly, and it’s up to you to tell if they’re in the cut.

Examine the recipients’ fashion sense.

You can’t possibly just thoughtlessly give a piece of clothing they would never think of wearing. People have particular tastes in fashion as well as yourself. If they prefer comfort over style, then you might find it easier to look for something. But if they are inclined to fashion, then you might have to look closer.

Think outside the box and be spontaneous.

While you are jet-set on discovering the best pair of running shorts to give, you’re probably choosing between the most predictable and dull pieces. Choose something the recipient would look good in or feel good wearing, not just something you think they’d wear. Get something unique or sophisticated, and it might just end up being their favorite.

In this case, size does matter.

How would you like wearing something when it doesn’t even fit you in the first place? Know your recipient’s size. It doesn’t have to be a perfect and seamless fit; you could evaluate the fit if it would look good on the wearer given that you know their size and how they usually wear the fit, could it be that they like it a little loose or figure-hugging.

If the shoe fits… Then the shorts probably could too.

If you find it hard to look for the perfect pair of running shorts for a certain someone, get something that anyone could wear, taking into account it’s design, material, size, comfortability, and even style points. A trusty pair of running shorts never went wrong for anyone. Well, maybe if they ended up ripping them.


As simple as you may think of buying clothes, specifically shorts, as a gift is. It may overwhelm you at the start, but it becomes a learning experience when you get the hang of it. You no longer spend as much time thinking every time you find the perfect piece. You might end up doing it again as the feeling gets more and more gratifying.