Graham Kramer Suggests 4 Tips for Building Your Company’s Brand on Social Media

As an entrepreneur, you would want to persuade followers, gain subscribers, sell products, and influence your target audience right after your startup hits the market. But your audience needs to know what your company is about in the first place. Graham Kramer, an experienced brand strategist, believes that social media and brand building go hand in hand. He urges new entrepreneurs to use these platforms to expand their brand quickly. But what strategies should you use? Here’s what Graham recommends.

1. Select platforms that highlight your brand

According to recent reports, 22% of   Americans check their social media profiles multiple times a day. With such a vast number of audience available, you need to select the platform that will highlight your brand the most. For example, you share a promotional post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ at the same time. You notice that the post gets most responses from Facebook, followed by Instagram and Twitter. The other two provide next to no responses. Graham suggests you should stick to these three platforms because they will provide more chances of brand recognition.

2. Provide shareable content

Graham, in his many years of experience as a brand strategist, has come across cases where companies upload posts without the option of sharing them. According to him, it’s the best way to limit your brand to only a handful of people. And that strategy will not take your company anywhere. You need to let more people know about your brand.

Therefore, it is essential to provide shareable content so that your viewers can let their friends and colleagues know about your company. Plus, you need to understand what type of content your audience is most likely to share, such as images, infographics, animated videos, or product description videos.

3. Tie up with social media influencers

An unknown brand may not have the voice to reach its target audience quickly. A social media influencer can become the voice the brand needs. Leveraging your audience to existing influencers will have an immediate impact on your brand’s recognition. However, there are two things you should keep in mind: First, reach out to an industry-specific influencer to ensure that you can take advantage of a targeted audience. Second, make sure that you offer something of value to compel the influencer to promote your brand. Otherwise, you’d get turned down repeatedly.

4. Use social media campaigns

Apart from organic campaigns, Graham also recommends paid campaigns on social media. This works excellently for companies that can afford to spend money and wait for the results over time. Paid campaigns usually last for a few days but you have an assurance that your target audience will see your posts while scrolling through their social media profiles.

Graham Kramer is not only one of the most renowned brand strategists but also a social media influencer. If you want your brand to do well, make sure you implement the tips above from Graham. They have already worked wonders for many and your brand can be the next one.

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Photo provided by Graham Kramer.