Going In For A Late Pregnancy? You Are Not Alone – Here Are Inspiring Stories Of Indian Women Like You

Going In For A Late Pregnancy You Are Not Alone – Here Are Inspiring Stories Of Indian Women Like You

Getting pregnant is a major decision in a woman’s life. While there are obvious physical and emotional changes, there are also many things that she might have to put on hold to take care of her baby. And that could be her career or even her responsibilities towards her aging parents. There was a time when women got married early and had babies in their early-to-mid 20s. However, this isn’t the case nowadays. With the growing cost of living that exerts financial burden, most families now require both husband and wife’s financial contribution to run seamlessly. Also, a lot of women nowadays are independent and wish to secure themselves financially even before getting married. Due to this, many of them are choosing to marry late, in their 30s. Even if they do marry early, they wish to have kids much later. So if you too are thinking of going in for late pregnancy, then here are some inspiring stories of Indian women like you:

“Early Pregnancy Was Physically Better, Late Pregnancy Made Me Emotionally Sound.”

Early Pregnancy Was Physically Better, Late Pregnancy Made Me Emotionally Sound

These are the words of Sarika Prakash. She had married at the age of 27 and delivered her baby the very next year. Describing her experience, Sarika admits that she was quite hyper and anxious about her daughter all the time. After 10 years of marriage, she had divorced only to find love again 3 years later. By then, Sarika was already 41. Yet, she wanted to have a second child and she did. Though it was physically draining compared to her first pregnancy, she found that she was far more emotionally stable this time. She says she was calmer while handling her son. The effect shows in her son who is 5 years old now. Sarika says her son is much calmer and composed compared to her relatively grown-up daughter.

“Balancing My Aging Mother’s Care Was Tough.”

Balancing My Aging Mother's Care Was Tough

Noyonika was her parents’ only child. She wasn’t inclined toward marriage as she was taking care of her ailing mother. It was only when she hit her 30s that her parents were worried. They insisted that she get married. But things weren’t smooth there either. During an outing with her husband and in-laws, Noyonika came in contact with an allergen that led to a long illness. She eventually conceived in her late 30s only to be left at her marital home as her in-laws didn’t want to take care of her. Balancing the care-taking of her ailing mother and her newborn was quite tough. Her father pitched in to help as much as he could. Three years after her son was born, Noyonika’s mother passed away. Today, Noyonika is a successful teacher at a school and still lives in her marital home with her father and son. Although she has separated from her husband, they remain cordial to each other. He even regularly visits their son.

“We Were Together Into This.”

We Were Together Into This

Zuneira and Assad were childhood sweethearts. They had known each other for a decade before getting hitched in their 30s. But since both did not belong to an affluent family, they had decided to have a baby after they were financially secure. They moved to a different country to make a good living. Though there was no pressure from either of the families, there were gentle reminders. Keeping the biological aspects in mind, Zuneira maintained her health in top-notch form. Finally, they both moved to Adelaide in Australia and conceived their baby when Zuneira was 39! She delivered a few days before her 40th birthday. Assad proved to be a great dad and a husband as she helped Zuneira all through her recovery period.

There could be many reasons why a couple or a woman would want to delay having babies. However, you need to remember that no matter when you plan to have a baby, make sure it is purely your decision. After all, it is your body. Your comfort and confidence should matter the most!

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