Gentlemen Let’s Talk About These Fitness Tips To Regain Your Confidence

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear”. – Buddha

A few years ago after I finished school and started working, I was faced with meeting up with many demands that I left my health to chance.

It wasn’t as if I didn’t want to work out.

Given the daily routine, I kept as a 9-5 guy and the extra workload I came back with, I found out that I often got home exhausted.

But the truth is this, just like Steve Jobs’ kindly remarked; all of that never mattered again that moment I had my life in a hospital stretcher.

The job and pay, nothing mattered except regaining my health back.

Research has it that 8 out of 10 men experience burn-outs as a result of stress.

Again, a study indicates that 71% of men don’t exercise enough to stay healthy and fit.

To start this necessary lifesaving routine you need to understand some key principles to have a good headstart.

This article will look into men’s fitness and the steps you need to take to keep your body in top shape.

First, you need to understand how your exercise plan works in order to gain the maximum advantage from it.

So are you ready to end your relationship with the fast-food and reduce your time spent on the couch?

To be honest, it’s not an easy ride because you need to get out of your comfort zone in order to achieve the health and perfect body that you ever dreamed of.

I understand how difficult it is to find time to workout in this busy life.

Let’s look at some of the useful tips which not only help you gain fitness but also you will be able to fit them into your daily schedule.

1. Start Slow

It is well known that men have a healthy competitive spirit but that can lead to many problems.

While this attitude is healthy for your motivation but you can also fall into the trap of thinking that by performing at a super-fast pace, you can achieve better results.

It can be true while performing some exercise but in many workouts that is not the case.

For example, let’s look at weight lifting. Your muscle gets tensed if you increase the time of your workout which also increases the blood flow in that muscle.

By increasing the time you exercise you can develop and increase the mass of any muscle even more.

So keep in mind when you are working out that fast is not the answer to a perfect workout plan.

So, take your time to find a pace that you are comfortable with.

2. Build Flexibility

The difference between a man and a woman’s body is flexibility.

It’s a key factor which you can’t overlook. A flexible body can endure more pain and move more efficiently.

With a flexible body, you can stretch to release the tension in your body which can relax your muscles and reduce stress. You can improve your body’s flexibility by attending yoga or pilate classes.

Men need to pay special attention to the flexibility of their shoulders, back and hamstrings because these parts work more than other areas of the body.

3. Find a Workout Partner

Having a workout partner is one of the best ways to motivate you in going one step further while working out.

The air for the competition that comes with having a partner will help you stick to your fitness and diet plan.

Not only will your partner help you perform many exercises that are difficult to complete alone but more importantly, they’ll help you focus on your fitness plans.

Especially if your workout partner is a bit advanced than you are.

4. Keep Experimenting

Its human nature to feel weary if kept on sticking to the same routing.

This aspect of life is particularly strong in men so you need to keep exploring new ways to get fit and stay healthy.

Doing different workout means you will use different parts of the body with each exercise which helps you strengthen your core health.

However, the biggest obstacle in trying different workout routines is the lack of resolve and courage.

It’s always difficult to come out of your comfort zone to try new things.

Although you can overcome this if you can shuffle between yoga or Pilates classes or you can join a health or boxing club to change things a little.

You can ask your fitness coach for different workout routines to keep it interesting.

5. Eat Healthy Food

Given all the facts shared therein, none is as important as what you eat.

Diet plays a key role in making or breaking your health given that a healthy diet will not only keep you fit but also help you increase your stamina in performing workout or daily routine work.

One of the important things to consider especially when choosing what to eat is to always read the label before purchasing a food product.

This is so, for you to avoid unhealthy ingredients or oversized portions of a meal.

Most packings are meant to serve three to four serving so don’t gulp it down in one go.

Avoid food with limit sugars and trans-fats.

Also, high fibre food is good for your health.

In a meal do not exceed from 7 grams of sugar or fat and 3 grams of fibre per serving.

Fresh food is always better than packaged meals or processed lunch meats. Fruits are a great way to gain essential daily nutrients.

You can use some vaporizers such as VapeActive and other high performing supplements to boost your vitamin levels like vitamin B12.

The cooking method also counts if you are looking for a healthy meal. Sauté, bake, steam or grill are always preferable, rather than deep frying or breading your food.

Use healthy oils like canola or olive instead of butter and season them with dried or fresh herbs instead of salt and pepper.

Prepare a lot of healthy food recipes to keep your interest in them. Make sure to use ingredients that can help you get all the vitamins and minerals, which helps you maintain your energy levels.

6. Take a Break

Taking a break between workout sessions is essential to properly rest and recover from the workout fatigue.

Doing back to back exercise sessions will lead to a stiff and tired body which can cause injury.

A break between workouts will help you gain motivation and burnout muscle suffering.

Most of the training coaches offer cheats to their pupils with instructions on when they can rest and enjoy meals which are not allowed in the normal days.

It is observed that men work even harder after they have a cheat day to burn the extra calories that they consume on the previous day.

If you want to do some exercise on the rest day then flexibility workouts are the best way to pass your time and quench your thirst of fitness workout.


These simple tips are the key to stay fit while keeping your interest in your daily healthcare routine.

It is best to rest a muscle between alternate days if you are lifting weights.

Find people who are in your league and have the same mind like yours to gain all the inspiration you need to keep going on this healthy gaining journey.

Finally, stop envying the pictures in fitness magazines and get into a healthy routine by working out daily and saying goodbye to your couch and junk food.

I hope this helps in giving you back the confidence you need in your life and career.

Got any questions? I’d love to answer them.


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