Gel Nail Polish For the Perfect Stay-Put Manicure

Gel manicures have completely upped the nail game. Gone are the days when you find yourself with a chip just hours after you leave the salon as a gel manicure can last for weeks, looking as glossy as ever until your next appointment. Nail shops that offer the service tend to have a pretty extensive array of gel nail polishes, but if you’re a person who likes consistency or just wants “just-in-case” access to your favorite shade it’s worth investing in your own bottle. These gel nail polishes are as pretty as they are potent, so pick your poison and bring it to your favorite manicurist on your next visit.

For neutral hues that offer contemporary glam, Gellen Gel Polish Set in Nude Grays is your best bet. This set of six gel polishes range from pale pink to a charcoal gray, so you’re covered when it comes to a selection of understated but gorgeous hues. This polish beautifully sets after curing under the LED/UV light.

Go big or go home with this set of bold hues ranging from bright yellows to juicy oranges. This kit includes 20 mini bottles of color plus a no wipe base, glossy top coat, and matte top coat. There are also some sparkly shades for when you’re feeling particularly festive.

No need to hold your feelings back! These mood gel polishes from Modelones change color as they glide across your fingertips. It’s worth noting that these do work best on longer nails, giving the color more opportunity to show a noticeable change. Also, Modelones explains that the color change isn’t affected by body temperature alone, but also by the temp of the environment you’re in. Still, it’s a cool concept with some gorgeous hues.