Finding A Divorce Attorney During Covid-19 Quarantine

Divorce attorneys and family courts are still operating. It just may be slightly unconventional in the way you approach your divorce proceedings.

COVID-19 has served up a number of unprecedented life-changing situations. People have been furloughed or lost their jobs. Schools have closed, leaving kids to be homeschooled. State and federal governments have issued “stay at home” quarantine orders. Life simply is not the same.

The coronavirus pandemic is undoubtedly upending our lives. And all this social distancing has led to an uptick in relationship stress, as well as divorce. For more info, visit

China’s divorce rate increased as couples emerged from quarantine, according to a Bloomberg article. Will the same happen in the United States? Most likely. Many family law attorneys are already receiving more consultation requests from people ready to divorce.

How will the coronavirus pandemic impact divorce and other family law cases? Finding a divorce attorney during Covid-19 quarantine doesn’t need to be challenging. Let’s take a closer look at how you can get your divorce, and other family law issues, moving forward during lockdown.

Finding A Divorce Lawyer During Covid-19 Quarantine Is Not Much Different

The first step to getting a divorce is finding an expert divorce attorney. This process is pretty much the same as it was pre-pandemic. Reaching out to friends and/or family members who have already gone through a divorce in your area can be a good starting point.

However, if you don’t know anyone in your city who has gone through a divorce, you can start your family law attorney search online. This is easy, since you are on lockdown. Simply type in “divorce lawyers near me” or “family law attorneys near me” into Google.

A Google map will most likely pop up, giving you phone numbers, emails, and reviews of divorce lawyers near you. Be sure to research reviews and ratings before jotting down the phone number. You want expertise, leaving nothing to chance when it comes to divorce, pandemic or not.

Consulting With A Divorce Attorney Is Different During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Since most divorce attorneys and family law lawyers are not providing in-office consultations, you will be discussing your divorce plan over the phone. Many tech-savvy law firms are providing virtual meetings via secured virtual meeting platforms.

The consultation is very important. During the call, the divorce attorney will be assessing your needs as a potential client. But more importantly, you will be assessing the lawyer to ensure he or she is a good fit for you.

Your needs and personality, the personality of the lawyer, and your spouse’s personality need to be considered when choosing an attorney. For instance, if your spouse is hinting at putting up a fight, you may want a divorce lawyer that is a bit more aggressive if the case goes to litigation.

If children and custody of children is on the table, you need to consider an attorney that also has expertise in that matter. These are all considerations when choosing a lawyer, even if it is based on virtual consultations.

What you need to do when moving forward with divorce during quarantine

There are a few important aspects to consider if you are moving forward with a divorce during quarantine. You need to begin planning and start protecting your property interests. Here’s what you can start working on:

  • Discovery planning. Start your plan with discovery. This is where you will identify assets and debts. You will need to get documentation, so during the COVID-19 quarantine you will need to contact banks, companies, realtors, and more.
  • Managing assets. The dividing of asset management is also important when going through a divorce. You will need to decide with your spouse who will be managing assets and paying debts. This is also where communication comes in, because changes and updates need to be shared between you and your spouse.
  • Agreements and orders. To maintain communication and ensure the management of assets and debt payments is consistent, agreements and orders should be in writing. This will help you and your spouse avoid any future missteps or misunderstandings about who will be doing what.

Is Finding A Divorce Lawyer Part Of Your Covid-19 Quarantine Plan?

There is no doubt that being with family on lockdown can be stressful. These uncertain times may be causing uncertain circumstances in your marriage. If moving forward with divorce during the coronavirus pandemic is a must, know that there are options available.

Divorce attorneys and family courts are still operating. It just may be slightly unconventional in the way you approach your divorce proceedings. Get professional help from lawyers that know how to get it done, making your quarantine divorce an easy process for you and your family.

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