Feeling a Little Socially Distanced and Isolated? Write About It. (Writing Prompts Included)

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Writing Topic Ideas:


-How is Coronavirus affecting your life?

-Is social distancing making you lonely? How are you coping with it?

-Fear and preparedness in the age of Coronavirus.

-What happens when the Coronavirus hits prisons, immigration camps, detention centers, etc.?


— 9 ways to make a little comfort room for the gender-fluid, in a world where CIS and Straight is everywhere but not everyone.

–Is your relationship real, or just something you are wishing for?

— Not too long ago, it was the father’s job to provide. Everything else ws arts & crafts. The idea that a father might provide a little less in order to be more engaged is a very new idea. Discuss!

— 10 things I personally am doing to help #StopRacism.

— Climate Defeatism — It’s factually wrong and morally cowardly. Here’s what we should do instead.

— How do we create a culture of honesty within our relationship?

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