Fatherhood: Why It Matters to be an Involved Dad

How are today’s children affected by their fathers’ increased involvement in rearing them?

“Men go to work; women stay at home to run the household.” For many generations, this was the setup that society promoted. It was pushed in advertisements, books, television, and other works of past years that depicted domesticated women and built-for-success men.

But our generation has done a great job of creating our own established gender norms. We now see a lot of women working; some of them are now leaders of their nations and organizations. There are now fathers who are very close to their kids—to the point that some of the little ones prefer dad over mom.

While it’s now typical, men getting involved in child-rearing was a rarity just 50 to 70 years ago. Men were considered good husbands and fathers when they brought in cash for food bills and utilities (like the water utility and electricity company that the household partnered with).

Now, every familial task is a responsibility that both husband and wife are expected to take part in. The division of labor is not anymore based on sex; but on skills, talents, and even personal interest.

Now, how are today’s children affected by their fathers’ increased involvement in rearing them?

Risky behaviors among kids are lessened.

When they enter their teenage years, a lot of the children’s latent desires are awakened. This awakening thrusts them into a period of confusion, disorientation, and experimentation.

Without proper parental guidance, this may lead to behaviors that may lead to serious consequences. Kids can be affected for life by behaviors such as early sexual contact and eventual unplanned pregnancies, drug abuse, and delinquency.

Fortunately, there are studies that show that kids who are close to their fathers fare better as they go through their tumultuous adolescent period. Particularly, they are seen to be less into risk-taking behaviors. They are generally more directed in their actions. If this is not a very good reason to get more involved as a father, then what is?

The kids’ life successes are better ensured.

Aside from a reduction in risk-taking behaviors, children who report a significant degree of closeness with their fathers tend to do better at school. Particularly, they get better grades and are more involved in extracurricular activities.

However, the benefits don’t stop at school. Those who keep good relationships with their dads are equipped with better problem-solving skills. These are skills that transfer directly to professional success. These kids also tend to find more stable employment.

It appears that having a present and emotionally available father figure instills habits in kids that will help them navigate through decades of life’s challenges.

Kids become more positive and better equipped to overcome stress.

Many believe that success in life depends so much on the way we conceptualize the future and the opportunities we have in the present. If we are overly pessimistic, we tend to withdraw from things and go with the flow.

But those kids with close relationships with their fathers are seen to have a more positive outlook. They are more willing and able to explore various opportunities. They are also more motivated to work hard to reach their long-term goals, even if they encounter a lot of stressors along the way.

Father involvement, which has become a very welcome trend in recent years, brings a lot of good outcomes to children. Because of this, men should never be ashamed to let their paternal instincts kick in. A father’s presence is and will always be important.

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