Faster: Why We Run

Keep going; do not stop, do not look back. Be a man. Your inner monologue will scream while you frantically pace through your dreaded final kilometre. Take a breath, slow down; surely this incessant behaviour yearns for validation, which begs the question, why do we run?

Running for me is a truly raw atavistic experience; rare anywhere else, this is bliss within reach. Embracing animal desires, a sense of being unbound from the cold, steel shackles of modern society and let loose like an insatiable madman desperately pursuing a new thrill, well, you have found it. It is also very grounding, a real psychological anchor to the world, a time to reflect, ponder, and chase that ever-craved endorphin release. An outlet for those seeking pacification, all in the name of good health. A time where everything is constant, consistent, and clear; your only objective: run! Then revel in pride, finish with a clear conscience, bask in refreshment, and newfound energy.

That is why I run.

While the clichés of escapism still ring true, running can be almost anything you desire, and if you don’t know what it is you need running is the key to the brain, the coffee before work, the eureka moment. Everything will become simple, you will experience something only comparable to a pure invasion of epiphanic realisations and motivation, fuelling man’s inclination to become faster, stronger, and overall better.


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Photo credit: Shutterstock