Exec Mom Reflects on Pre-Baby Fears of Hurting Her Career in Inspiring LinkedIn Post

For many working women of a certain age, the decision to have kids isn’t easy.

That was the case for Ann Marie Chrudimsky, now a senior strategic account executive at an enterprise IT company. She always knew she wanted to have children, but she was worried it would set her career back. In a candid LinkedIn post, she reflected on those fears. When she was in her late twenties, she felt the pressure of what she thought was choosing between a family and her long-term career goals.

Things like this would creep into my head….
….what about traveling? You’re in field!
….what about sales events at night?
….you don’t have time NOW, how would this work?
….you’re alone here with no family around
….will my husband be okay with watching our kids while I’m on work trips? My dad didn’t do that…
….how could this EVER work?
….what happens when kids get sick?
….OMG how am I going to balance this all?

While they’re all perfectly valid concerns, as a mom, she sees now that they were no reason to be worried about having kids. In the same year that she took her maternity leave, her company gave her a manager-nominated award for her performance.

“I’m here to tell you, that it is ABSOLUTELY possible to do it,” Ann Marie wrote. “There is no “secret,” but having a strong work ethic, an employer and people (spouse/manager/team) that support you are absolutely critical. Some days and weeks are crazy, but I wouldn’t give it up and don’t regret being a working mom. I’m able to be [a] better mom because of my professional career, and I’m not stuttering or apologizing for it.”

We love that she’s able to look back on her pre-baby fears with new insight on how she made it all work. Though there’s no universally perfect time in your career to become a mother, with the right support system, a degree of work-life balance is always achievable.