Does BookShark Work for Eclectic Homeschoolers?

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Are you an eclectic homeschool considering making the switch to a boxed curriculum? Are you considering BookShark but wonder if it will fit your homeschool style?

When we first started homeschooling we used a cyberschool. They provided us with curriculum and online classes. It was a great fit for my oldest son. He is a very “in the box” sort of kid who is easy to teach and had no problem working through is worksheets, sitting through online classes, and getting all of his reading done.

Then along came my middle kiddo… His attention span is like 35 seconds long, he had ants in his pants, and the idea of doing a worksheet made him come unglued. Around the same time, I realized that our online school was not going to work for him, I also was realizing that my youngest was gifted and the online school was not nearly challenging enough for him.

So I pulled them out and decided to figure out what would work for us. I didn’t know what an eclectic homeschooler was at the time, all I knew was that I was piecing together what I thought would work for us. That meant stacks of books, educational videos, a variety of worksheets I printed off, and whatever else sounded like fun that would also be educational!

When I decided to use a complete curicculm I wondered if it would work for us. (Read all about why we chose BookShark here) Would transitioning to BookShark be difficult for us? Would my son be bored? Would it be boring? When we were used to using a variety of resources in our homeschool would this be a hard transition?

Would Bookshark be a good fit for eclectic homeschoolers like us?

Spoiler Alert! Yes it is! And here is why-

BookShark comes with a great variety– Remember when I said that our homeschool looked like stacks of books, educational videos,  and a variety of worksheets? Well, that’s pretty much what BookShark looks like too, but with more organization than I’ve ever had on my own! We have BookShark Level 3 and it comes with a huge variety of books, novels and biographies, a timeline, map, optional lap book kit, hands-on science kits, DVDs and a variety of worksheets. Bookshark isn’t just textbooks and workbooks, they have built a curriculum that is full of variety to keep learning fun.

About those stacks of books– Bookshark levels include 30-50 books each! Those books include classics, biographies, poetry, historical fiction, science books, and so much more. If you are homeschoolers who love to learn through reading then BookShark would be an excellent fit!

Hands-on learning–  I am a huge believer in hands-on activities for learning! We love science experiments, math manipulatives, field trips, anything that helps reinforce the learning process. With our BookShark level, we received a DVD full of hands-on experiments, and the books and supplies for observing and growing different plants, and a hands-on history lap book. These resources are perfect for hands-on learning and adding variety to your schooling!

BookShark is flexible– One of the things I love about piecing together our lessons is the flexibility it offers. So I was a little worried that using a boxed curriculum wouldn’t offer as much flexibility. But BookShark has designed its program to be flexible in a number of ways. First, they have a 4-day schedule. By leaving a day free each week you can get to all your activities, alter the lessons to stretch out a bit more, or have a 3 day weekend, whatever works best for you. There is also the option to work at a regular or advanced pace (both are included in the instructor’s guide) So if your child reads quickly you can adjust for that!

I love that BookShark goes so far beyond textbooks, and takes learning to another level. With so many books to read, activities to complete and great flexibility it is a great curriculum for eclectic homeschoolers who want a complete curriculum!

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