Do You Feel You’re Giving Too Much in Relationships?

Hey everyone! So many of you have been asking me questions this week relating to the crisis: managing your emotions, knowing what to do with your love life during this time, knowing how to keep things going with someone who has become long-distance due to quarantine. I’m going to use next week’s video to give my thoughts on some of these issues. This video was shot before the world changed (although the content is still vitally important) and we didn’t have time to shoot another one to replace it. But stay tuned for next week’s video! And be sure to follow my Instagram (@thematthewhussey) where I’m giving my current thoughts on the developing crisis. Thanks everyone, and stay safe. Love you guys ❤🙏

Do you ignore red flags?

Do you feel like you give too much in your relationships?

Do you brush things under the carpet when someone violates your boundaries?

If so, this week’s video is specifically for you…

The richness and depth of a true connection can only come from giving other people the chance to reciprocate your warmth, kindness, and giving nature…

Because while it might feel selfless or nurturing to pour into others without receiving in return – it can actually backfire, weaken your connection, and make you feel resentful.

I promise that if you find the courage to be honest, you’ll find more satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness in your relationships.

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