Do You Change Out Your Pillow?

When it comes to finding things Brett will love, there are two indicators that make something an immediate win–if it has to do with sleep, or if it has to do with anything that cuts down germs. These are his most notable quirky passions, so much that they’ve become a bit of a family joke. Searching for the perfect gift for him, my sister once called and said, “I was thinking maybe a sleep mask, some hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes–think he’ll like it?” Brett is passionate about good sleep–so much that every room in our house is equipped with sound machines and, in ours, room darkening curtains. He believes sleep is the foundation of a good day, and he’s as passionate about the entire family getting good sleep as he is about his own. Then there’s the germs. Good God, what this man has done to protect himself from germs. He once saw a restaurant show that revealed how dirty draft beer dispensers are and how they harbor germs, and he’s never ordered a draft beer since. He has an electric ultrasonic sanitizer for his phone. He waited two weeks to set up a date after the first time we met because he heard I had a cold. Getting a clear picture here?

That said, you can imagine my smile when The Pillow Club approached me to see if their Core Pillow-a pillow designed around the concept of better uninterrupted sleep and eliminating pillow germ buildup–was a good fit for our family. Are you kidding me? Brett’s going to love this baby.

Here’s how it works:

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping–that’s roughly eight hours a day in bed with our heads on our pillows. We upgrade our cars, our homes, our furniture; we rearrange things, we tidy things, we switch things out. But for spending so many hours a day with our heads on our pillows, how often do we think about switching out our pillow? Not the pillowcase, but the actual pillow. Think about it. We smash it down with the weight of our heads night after night. We breathe into it. We cough into it. We might even drool into it. Our pillows harbor all sorts of dust and germs that can cause allergies, acne, etc. How often do you switch out your pillow for a new one?

The Pillow Club, like Brett, cares about sleep and germs too. They designed their Core Pillow so you’re not stacking, folding and adjusting your pillow throughout the night to get it just right.

It’s the first pillow that isolates an actual support layer in the center of the pillow to create the perfect blend of soft and firm. You sink into the soft outer layer (which takes pressure off of your body ensuring you don’t toss and turn) while you settle into the Flow foam support (which ensures you never have to stack, fold or adjust your pillow while you sleep).

And since you, like everyone else, are probably too busy helping with long division and maintaining that New Year’s meal planning resolution to think about things like when you should switch out your pillow, The Pillow Club does it for you and makes having luxury pillow replaced when they’re ready (they recommend every 6-12 months) affordable and convenient. When you sign up for The Pillow Club, you get two pillows delivered to your door every year for just $10/month (that’s 40% off their buy outright price).
Members then have the option of shipping back their old Pillow Club pillow, and TPC will rewrap the pillow in an outdoor waterproof cover and donate the used pillows to animal shelters as dog beds. Friday is very in favor of this.

I’m very picky with pillows and have to say, this pillow is super comfortable and supportive.

But we all know, the real tester of anything sleep related in our home is Brett, and he put his stamp of approval on this baby.

“Anything you want me to add to this post?” I ask as I’m finishing this.

“Tell them it’s flu season. Wash your hands.”

Want to try The Pillow Club subscription? Use code HAMPTON50, and you’ll receive your first 2 pillows for only $10 (that’s 50% off!).

Sweet Dreams.