Disney Parks Moms Panel Search FAQs

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The search is on for the next Disney Parks Moms Panel! And you probably have a ton of questions about the whole search and application process. I’ve got a list of Disney Parks Moms Panel Search FAQs that tend to come up during this time of year about the whole thing. Good Luck to everyone putting their “ears” in the ring this year for the Disney Moms Panel. 

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My years of applying for the Disney Moms Panel have passed, but I still look forward to the search every year. Being a ChEAR leader for the search is always fun!

It is the time that regular old moms and dads (and grandparents and aunts and uncles and, well- just about anyone!) can apply to be part of the magic that is the Disney Parks. 

I put together this list of Disney Parks Moms Panel search FAQs to help you find answers to many of the questions you might have around the search. These questions come up every year, so hopefully, it can help you on your journey to the panel. 

disney moms panel logo

disney moms panel logo

What is the Disney Parks Moms Panel?

The Disney Parks Moms Panel is the most comprehensive resource for your Disney vacation planning needs. 

It’s an online resource of questions answered by the most magical people of all: Disney people like you and me! The folks on the panel are not Disney employees, but parents and family members with that magical touch. 

The questions they can answer cover all sorts of things: resorts, Magical Express transportation, dining, FastPass, Magic Bands, and more!

FAQs From The Disney Moms Panel Application Process

How does someone become a member of the Disney Moms Panel? 

First off, they have to apply. And there is a full application process running from September 5, 2019, to noon on September 12, 2019.

Who’s Eligible for the Disney Parks Moms Panel?

If you have questions about the search requirements, be sure to check this post out. It spells out who is eligible to serve on the panel. 

Spoiler: if you work or live with someone who works in the travel industry, you are not eligible. That means travel agents like myself cannot be part of this process. WhompWhomp. 

Sleeping Beauty Castle and Partners Statue in the Spring Disneyland free stuff in Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty Castle and Partners Statue in the Spring Disneyland free stuff in Disneyland

What Does the Application Look Like?

The application usually has a few questions that the search committee uses to get a sense of you and your Disney life. Things like “Tell us about your family in 100 words or less” are typically found on the application. 

I Know Everything About Disneyland But Nothing About Walt Disney World. Can I Still Apply?


The Disney Parks Panel application will ask you to pick a specialty and a backup specialty for consideration. You don’t have to be an expert in all things Disney, but one area of concentration is what they are looking for. 

This year the specialty options are:

  • Walt Disney World® Resort
  • Disneyland® Resort
  • Disney Cruise Line®
  • Disney Vacation Club®

Can I Look At All the Questions Before Picking a Specialty?

You can! If you aren’t sure which specialty you are drawn to, go ahead and check out the questions for those that you qualify for. 

I had years where I was eligible for Walt Disney World and Disneyland but applied based on which set of questions struck me at the time!

Disney World trip planner: get a travel agent who specializes in Disney on board!

Disney World trip planner: get a travel agent who specializes in Disney on board!

You Can Close the Application and Restart It Later

You absolutely can work on the application, close it, and go back in later to complete it. 

The information won’t save, so you’ll need to re-write your answers. But you aren’t locked into a time period when you first go in to look at the questions. 

Take your time, make sure your application looks its best before you submit!

Do Not Copy and Paste Your Moms Panel Answers

The submission portal is not copy and paste friendly!

If you want to write answers out in advance, just retype them into the application when you wish to submit. If you copy and paste, the application will result in gibberish. 

Tree of Life Animal Kingdom

Tree of Life Animal Kingdom

Do Not Include Hyper-Links

For the same reason above, don’t try to skirt the word count and add in hyperlinks. Stick to the word count!

I Submitted My Application. What Happens Next?

Here’s the hard part: you wait. 

And the timeline isn’t set in stone. It takes Disney as long as it takes to read each and every application (yes, real people DO read these!) and make choices about who will move on to the next round. 

This could change at any time, but traditionally there are 3 rounds. 

The first round is submitting your application. 

The second round will include additional questions for you to answer and submit a one-minute video and/or headshot. 

And the third round will consist of a phone interview. 

From start to finish, the Disney Parks Moms Panel application process starts in September and ends sometime in November. 

spaceship earth at night

spaceship earth at night

Moms Panel Application Tips

Everyone always wants to know the Disney Parks Moms Panel application tips. 

I made it to the final round 4 times and I feel my initial answers had a say in that success!

Here are the tips I feel can help you get farther along in your Moms Panel application process. 

1. Use Proper Nomenclature

You’ll want to use the correct names of things on your application. This is very important to the good folks at Disney! It’s Walt Disney World Resort, not Disney World, for example. If you have questions, check the official Disney websites to see how they write!

2. Spell Check is Your Friend 

Use it! You definitely don’t want some errant “e before i” to trip you up! 

3. Tell a Story And Make It Personal

Disney loves a good story and loves great storytellers. Don’t just say you loved staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge; tie it back to a personal story or reason why you love it so! Make your application stand out by putting a little of YOU into it. 

4. Be Yourself

Every successful Moms Panelist will say the same thing: Beeee Yourself. Don’t be what you think Disney wants you to be, be YOU because that’s what’s unique. 

Will Smith as The Genie from Aladdin Live Action

Aladdin (Mena Massoud) meets the larger-than-life blue Genie (Will Smith) in Disney?s live-action adaptation ALADDIN, directed by Guy Ritchie.

The Moms Panelist Training Trip

There is a Moms Panel training trip scheduled for December 11-15, 2019. 

This is required of everyone who is chosen for the Disney Parks Moms Panel and you can not take guests with you on this training trip. 

It is a fully paid training experience and is part of the hiring process for those chosen to serve on the panel. 

And it’s pretty freaking magical based on what we see via social media every year!

Disney Parks Moms Panel Salary and Perks

When you serve on the Moms Panel, you get a few perks. You do not, however, get paid a salary, and you will not be an official Disney Cast Member. 

You will, however, do a job that does have a reward trip as compensation at the end of your service. 

Check out this post about my experience applying for the Disney Parks Moms Panel if you want to know more about the perks and salary.

cinderella castle fountain at disney world with toddlers

cinderella castle fountain at disney world with toddlers

What Kind of Time Commitment Does Serving on the Panel Take?

While every question is different and could take a different amount of time, it’s safe to say you’ll be looking at 20 to 40 minutes per question- and you’ll have a minimum of 15-20 questions a week required. 

Basically: this is a solid part-time job level commitment. 

What Is Disney Looking For In A Moms Panelist?

It changes every year based on what the company needs at the time. 

They might be focusing on grandparent travel or solo travel or pre-schooler travel. They might need parents point of views with special needs or dietary restrictions. 

We just don’t know and won’t know until the panel is picked in November. 

So be you, do your best to let your Disney love and passion shine through! 

How Many Moms Panelists Are Chosen Every Year?

This also changes! There have been big classes of new panelists and smaller classes. 

A fair number to hope for is about 10 new panelists, but that’s just an average. It could be more or less and it just depends on what Disney needs that year. 

Disney Dream docked in Nassau

Disney Dream docked in Nassau

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