Designing Your Life

“Don’t make a living, design a life.” That phrase defines much of what Jordan Paris has done and now teaches others to do, as well. Jordan joins the show today to share his journey from an average high school student to a 21-year-old with a business, a book, a podcast, and a passion-fueled life.

Listen in to hear him discuss everything from what flipped the switch in him to his vision for the future. You’ll gain insight on how to use a book to set yourself apart from the crowd and help build your career, Jordan’s process of adopting habits and thought patterns that accelerated his life and career, and the most important theories and ideas he has learned from others.



  • Jordan’s transition from his teen years into college and where he is now.
  • How he has changed over the past year.
  • One thing he would change about his book.
  • The shift that takes place when you write things down.
  • What started it all for Jordan four years ago.
  • The three criteria he designed his life around.
  • The importance of decisiveness and making decisions quickly.
  • Why Jordan decided to focus on LinkedIn.
  • His 10-year vision and plan for the future.

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