Create Dreamy Ambiance with Outdoor String Lights

There’s no end to the different ways you can incorporate light into your finished outdoor areas when you choose to add a great set of outdoor string lights. Today’s outdoor lighting is much different than easily tangled Christmas lights. Check out these three chic offerings for some inspiration for your outdoor living space.

Heavy Duty Outdoor Lighting

Perfect for arranging above a patio or deck, or stringing from a pergola or along a fenceline, these commercial-grade string lights are the real deal. You’ll get 15 bulbs suspended from 48 feet of cord, evenly spaced in three-foot intervals. This allows you to display as is, or double up for a creative look that disperses gentle light in all directions. If it’s a more subtle look you’re going for, simply switch the bulbs to dimmer mode.

LED Lights for Worry-Free Use

Enjoy outdoor lighting without worrying as much about your electric bill when you opt for LED lights. There are two strands for a total of 96 feet of lighting, with the option to connect up to 12 strands for even the largest spaces. These rugged bulbs are waterproof and shatterproof, and dim to a soft glow with an available dimmer, sold separately.

That perfect ambience can be achieved completely gratis when you hang solar outdoor string lights. After charging for six to eight hours, these shimmery bulbs can glow for as long as 14 hours once the sun sets. Eight different lighting modes such as Slow Fade, Fireflies Flash and Twinkle Marquee add dramatic effect to your outdoor gathering.