Changing Your Mindset…

Ever been in a funk and can’t really explain why? Take the time to look at what you’ve been consuming–this includes-food, social media, toxic people/things. When you look at your life in this manner, you will find the areas where you can make some small changes that will pay back exponentially. Being mindful of what you ingest, can make all of the difference in your mood, how you sleep, and of course your mindset. What you focus on, is what will show up in your life. Sometimes, you may be the toxic person and that can be difficult to acknowledge. Checking your thinking can provide you with a vehicle for change.

Take a good look at yourself–what is stirring? What do you need to clean up? What is being birthed through your mind? Meaning–what are you attracting to yourself because the quality of your thoughts. Getting good at choosing your thoughts takes time but it is a worthy investment. Your thoughts create your reality. You are a product of your thoughts. Your thoughts give insight into what you feel. Your feelings are indicators to what your behavior will be when those thoughts manifest. Most of us spend a lot of time going with in, make sure it is a good place to be. We have so many automatic thoughts per day and then there are thoughts that we think as a result of what we are experiencing.

Take control. Take some time to write some of your thoughts down and take a look at them. Once you do, identify the cause of why those negative thoughts have been swirling around. Once you do that, make the choice to train your mind to think on better things. This means that if your life is in the sh*t, focus on the things that you can control. Focus on the people, places and things that give you joy. Lean into the feeling. Lean into getting excited about life. When you fix your eyes on what you enjoy/appreciate the life that you are currently living even if there are things that are very wrong, you will find the shift. Appreciation is one of the keys to gaining greater satisfaction, experiences and meaning in this life. When you focus on what you appreciate, you get more reasons to appreciate life. Training your mind to notice what you are grateful for daily can vastly improve your mindset. Gratitude has the power to restructure your DNA. That’s how powerful your mind is! Your cells are listening to what you tell yourself, who you associate with, everything. You have so much power with in your being to change your life. All you have to do is shift what you give your attention to. This shift determines your resiliency, aptitude for success, and abundance. You have the power to make the choice. Cultivating a healthy mind is vital to our experience here on earth. Reach out to a professional counselor, life coach, read books, whatever you need to do to get you to the next level. You can do this. Just like how you do everything else—with will-power!

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