CEO Dad Goes Viral for Praising Wife Who Quit Job That Didn’t Respect Parents

Transitioning to a new job can be bumpy, but supportive managers can make all the difference. Unfortunately, toxic work cultures abound—and you can’t always tell what you’re getting into from the interview.

Jacob Brown, CEO of Optimize Agency and Creative Manager of General RV Center, recently went to LinkedIn to announce his wife’s decision to quit her job. This update, however, wasn’t to inform his community so much as to applaud her courageous choice.

“I 1,000% supported her decision,” the dad wrote. “The company she worked for promised her a good culture and time to get up to speed with the work. Not one promise came to fruition.”

For a working mom, assurances like these mean everything.

“Instead of good culture, there was extreme micromanagement and degradation,” the dad wrote. “She was on call 24/7 and chastised for picking our children up from daycare after 5 p.m.”

He continued: “Instead of ramp up time, she was patronized for not understanding certain terminology within an industry she’d never touched—2 weeks into the position.”

How is any working parent—or person, for that matter—supposed to thrive in that kind of restrictive environment? This dad clearly didn’t think it was possible.

“This was not what she signed up for,” he wrote, “Nor was it the company culture she was promised.”

Naturally, others in his LinkedIn community felt the same way this husband did about his wife’s decision to jump ship. His post now has almost 10,000 reactions and 500 comments.

“Congratulations to you both for recognizing when to step away from a situation that is absolutely draining you mentally and emotionally,” commented Molly MacDonald-Foster. “Sometimes it takes a dark situation to help you see the light.”

“I stayed in a toxic culture too long because I thought all work environments were like that,” added Teri Broderick. “I regret wasted years that could have been spent otherwise. I applaud people who know when the environment isn’t right and move on to better lives.”

This story goes to show that it’s not always easy finding a job that supports a healthy work-life balance. What matters is not settling for less than you deserve.

“Cheers to my wife and all others who have had the courage to take a stand for their career—their life,” the dad finished. “I stand with you!”