C-Suite Dad to Employees: ‘You Can Come and Go As You Please, As Long as You Perform’

Many companies lack flexibility, posing problems not just for parents, but for all employees. Inevitably, personal matters, such as doctor appointments or family obligations, overlap with work hours. When that happens, people shouldn’t feel guilty—yet they do.

That’s why Utah-based, C-suite dad Daniel Harmon’s business is gaining so much attention. On LinkedIn, the Chief Creative Officer at social media ad agency Harmon Brothers shared his refreshing take on when employees should be at the office. And it’s putting to shame every company that still insists on putting their workers on strict, 9 to 5 schedules.

“I don’t care what time you come to work. 😐

“I don’t care what time you leave. 😐

“I don’t care if you want to work from home. 😐

“I don’t care when you want to go on vacation. 😐

“You can come and go as you please—whether you have a dentist appointment, a daughter’s soccer game, or a movie you really want to see—AS LONG AS YOU PERFORM,” he wrote.

“We don’t want the focus to be on when you clock in and clock out or how many hours you log. We care much more about RESULTS. 👈”

Ending his post, Daniel clarified that he realizes his company’s work culture won’t be effective everywhere, but said it has worked for his, and has produced “some pretty great results (1.5 billion views and $400 million in sales). 👀💰”

Since being shared two weeks ago, Daniel’s message has gone viral with almost 9,000 reactions on the networking site.

Although some commenters were concerned that employees with flexibility might develop bad habits, such as being unavailable at work when needed, plenty understood and praised the dad’s message. “I love working with employers with this approach, when they actually mean it. Flexibility like this increases my ability to meet goals and deadlines while enjoying my own quality-of-life goals. And it gives me the ability to also grow personally and professionally outside of work so I can bring more value,” one user wrote.

“I left a rigid, micro-managing environment for a flexible and balanced one and not only has my mindset and mental health improved, but my productivity has improved greatly! Some managers want to keep such a tight leash on their employees but they don’t realize they’re suffocating their employees and limiting productiveness. Now that I’m in charge of my own schedule, I am so much more effective and proficient,” added another.

Companies, everywhere, take note.