Buying the best insect cream

Having children means there will be a lot of activity going on at a given time, which opens you up to accidents in the home. While some of the accidents may be scraped knees or broken bones, there is also the chance that your kid might run into a hornet’s nest or get bit by a spider while exploring. These stings are often painful, and you are bound to see a couple of tears. 

One way to ensure that your little one finds the best relief is to always have insect bite cream in handy. You may think that this only applies to when you have children, but it can be a lifesaver for you as well. There are so many brands of soothing creams in the market that, more often than not, you will be spoilt for choice. These few tips will help you in getting an ideal cream that will not have any adverse effects on your skin or general health. These guidelines include;

  • How fast it relieves pain

The main reason one would get insect bite cream is because of the pain soothing capabilities it has. Almost all the different creams claim to have pain soothing capabilities. Before you blindly trust the creams you see on the counters, take the time to look at reviews left by other users. Look at the ingredients of the cream to see what properties they have since some can soothe pain better than others. Creams that have antihistamine are the best since they are known to help with the inflammation that occurs after an insect bite. Ointments with hydrocortisone also work wonders on insect bites, so this is something you should look out for.

  • Is the cream a repellant?

While we may want a cream that soothes bite from insects, getting one that doubles as repellent would be a good thing. This way, instead of waiting for the bites or happens before you do something about them, you can also prevent them from occurring. This cream will come in handy if you plan on hiking or of you move to an area that has many insects or mosquitoes. When it comes to repellants, how strong they are is very important. Get a cream that will be effective for a long time.

  • Is it safe for children?

Most of the insect bite creams have ingredients that may be harsh on a child’s skin, meaning you will not be able to use them on the younger children. Companies have started making baby friendly insect bite cream. You can take advantage of this if you have children as it will not affect them in any way. Other than just children, find out of the cream you are using is safe to use on pregnant women as well. This is because the chemical in the ointment can easily affect the unborn baby.

  • How many bug bites can it soothe

Depending on the cream you buy, you will relieve all the bites and stings, or you will need to get different creams for each bite. To save on money, it is best o get one that soothes bites from various insects. You can ask the chemist of they have such before settling for one, you know. A cream that works on multiple bugs is potent, and if you are planning on using it on a child or a pregnant woman, make sure you confirm with a doctor that it is okay.

  • The quantity and cost

Unless you live in an area infested with mosquitoes, you are most likely not going to be using your insect bite cream daily. Getting a big tub of cream will, therefore, make no sense. Also, going for the costly one on the shelf is not necessary. Buy something with a longer shelf life if you do not have t use it often so that you do not need to get a new one whenever there is an emergency. You can always compare the prices before you settle for one that will work for you.

One thing you need to remember is the fact that all the cream does is soothe the pain caused by the sting. You will still need to go to a hospital to get a shot to reverse the reaction a bite can cause. If you have an insect venom allergy, then it is recommended that you first get to a doctor before you use over the counter medicine on yourself to avoid bringing more harm to your skin. If you have a bite on your throat or feel like you can’t breathe, then you should also rush to the hospital since pain relief will not do you any good. The sooner you get the venom out of your system, the better it will be for you.