Busting 7 Major Myths About Working Moms

Busting 7 Major Myths About Working Moms

Mothers are highly respected and idolized in our society. Yet, there is a flip side to this too. Despite all that she does, she is often expected to be a mother according to what society’s expectations. Otherwise, she is unfairly judged and tagged a ‘bad’ mom. This kind of prejudices especially holds true for working mothers. While a stay-at-home mom’s role is challenging enough, a working mom’s life is no cakewalk either. So, here are 7 myths about working moms which we bust today:

1. A Working Mom Cannot Dedicate Enough Time To Her Family

Working Mom Cannot Dedicate Enough Time To Her Family

Most people assume that working moms never dedicate enough time to their family. But that’s far from reality. Agreed that it might be hectic for a working mom to balance her career and family time. But ‘quality over quantity’ is the mantra they live by. Working moms plan and even prioritize their family as and when the situation demands.

2. They Are Considered Incapable Of Handling More Work Responsibilities

Considered Incapable Of Handling More Work Responsibilities

In most organizations, a working mother is considered less ambitious or given fewer work responsibilities under the assumption that she may not be able to do justice to the role. The fact that a woman chose to step out of the comfort of her house to take up the job itself means that she is very much capable and competent enough. A logic most employers sadly miss!

3. They Don’t Focus On Their Child’s Upbringing

Their Childs Upbringing

What do JK Rowling, Mary Kom, Shilpa Shetty, Gul Panag – all have in common? They are all working mothers and achievers in their respective fields be it writing, sports, Bollywood or aviation. And all of them have been splendid mothers who are beautifully bringing up their children with the right values. Part of the reason why a mom steps out to work is that she wants to contribute toward a better life for her child. Need we say more?

4. They Prefer The Easy Work-From-Home Routine

They Prefer The Easy Work-From

This is again a myth. Work-from-home options are not provided by all organizations. And those companies that do provide this facility, it is availed by all employees equally, including men. And who says work from home is easy? So, why judge only working moms?

5. They Are Often Over-Burdened And Stressed

They Are Often Over-Burdened And Stressed

Stress or getting over-burdened with work is very common. Even a seemingly simple task like driving a long distance from work to reach home can stress out any of us. But it is assumed that since a working mom has to keep up with her professional commitments as well as do household chores, she might be stressed and over-burdened. But the fact is, working moms know very well how to delegate their work effectively, both at their house as well as at the workplace.

6. They Are Self-Centered

They Are Self-Centered

Think working mothers and people often paint a picture of a careless mom who is partying her nights away. When a mom steps out to work, she grooms herself more often than she would have had she stayed at home. Being well-groomed creates a good impression at work and also boosts her self-confidence. And what’s wrong in letting down their hair once in a while? Don’t all working professionals do it too to take off some pressure?

7. They Don’t Have A Peaceful Marriage

Peaceful Marriage

Most people are stuck in the age-old perception of a wife – someone who’ll cook and clean the entire day and wait at the door for her husband to return. When such people see the husband making tea for himself or ordering dinner from outside, they consider the working mom to be a bad wife. On the contrary, with a working mother at home, most spouses and children learn to become self-sufficient. The amount of expectation is less too. And isn’t having low expectations one of the reasons for a peaceful relationship?

Working mothers are equally dedicated, if not more, as any stay-at-home mom when it comes to taking care of their families. And it takes a lot of gumption to juggle family and career while also indulging in some self-love once in a while. So let us stop judging them and applaud them for their efforts. Cheers!

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