Bored at Home During Home Quarantine? Here Are Some Quick DIY Projects for Your Home!

Have you all of a sudden found yourself idle during this quarantine? There are some productive things you can still do at this time. These are activities that require no inter-mingling with other people and are hence less likely to spread the ongoing Coronavirus.

Moreover, they are also productive in the sense that they have the ability to leave behind some lasting impacts. Our discussions here below endeavor to shed more light on them. We highlight and explain them in the subsequent discussions.


Below are some of the top do-it-yourself projects you might want to engage in during your free quarantine time:

#1: Carry out a thorough General Cleanup

You may start it out by executing a thorough general cleanup of your home. Get to one room at a time and eliminate all dust, trash, unwanted items, and other things that ought not to be there. This is by far the most serious of all the projects you may embark on.

It also requires the use of many appliances at one go. Some of these are the dust blowers for blowing out the dust, brooms for sweeping away unwanted trash, carper cleaners for cleansing your carpets, and the clean pieces of cloth for wiping dust off of surfaces.

For your own safety, we recommend that you put on some face masks to prevent you from inhaling the dust and debris that arise in the course of executing this onerous task. Then again prepare yourself to use plenty of water as many of these procedures do require thorough cleaning.

#2: Repair and Spruce up your Walls

The quarantine time is by far the most reliable for looking into the state and health of your wall. Take time and skim your wall from all angles. Be on the lookout for any cracks, water droplets, ugly marks, or peeled off paints as they are the most common issues that affect walls.

Go ahead to fill the cracks and paint the same to conceal them. This is also the best time to consider changing the color of the paints of the walls. You might never have free time as this one for a very long time. We opine that you go beyond merely changing the color.

Alter the quality of the paint as well. Switch from the water-based to the oil-based as they are the ones that last longer and are less prone to the issues of water damages. If you so wish, you may also mark out some decorations on your walls at this stage.

#3: Replace, Paint and Decorate your Ceilings

After working on your walls, you now have to work on the ceilings of your home. Depending on the precise state and the degree of damage, you may have to replace, paint, or simply decorate them. This means you have to first and foremost assess the state of the ceiling.

Like the case of the walls above, you may also take advantage of this opportunity to change the color of the ceilings. Choose a highly breathtaking color and complement it with some decorations. Even though you are free to choose whichever color you desire, we ask that you prioritize the brighter colors.

For best results, use a home paint sprayer for ceilings as they are flexible and hence well able to deliver more precise outcomes. Take your time and employ greater tack and skill for the best outcomes possible. Mind your nose and eyes when using the sprayers too!

#4: Work on your Kitchen

Your kitchen is perhaps the most sensitive room in your home. It is in the kitchen that you prepare your meals and also place your clean waters. There are countless things you can do to spruce up your kitchen. Before you embark on this task, you have to look around and see what improvements exactly your kitchen needs.

Check out the sinks, power supply unit, garbage disposal, plumbing, heaters, tanks, walls, and the floor. Some of the things that you might do are, repainting the inner walls, changing the inner tiles, cleansing the kitchen interiors, disposing of the garbage, and working on the drainage thereof.

You might never have a better time to change the utensils and the cutlery that you use in your household than this one. Get online and find out the latest pieces of kitchen equipment that might come to your rescue and adopt them.

#5: Unclog your Drainage and Plumbing

Drainages are the mechanisms that channel away wastewater from the home. These drainages do take too much time to work on. The quarantine time gives you the opportunity to do just that. Kick off the exercise by unclogging the drainage using the rubber sucker or some sharp sticks.

Run some hot water or vinegar to kill the germs and disintegrate the hardened debris. In case of any leaks or faults in the system, you may have to replace the affected parts and components. That may require that you get to a plumber’s shop for the best parts.

#6: Trim and Tidy your Yards

Your yard also demands some attention and improvements at this time. Look around for any overgrowths and deal with them appropriately. Use a trimmer to cut off excess foliage and to trim the overhanging branches to sizes. Weed out unnecessary growth to let the tree and flowers thrive unhindered. Then, apply extra fertilizer at the bases of the trees to make them thrive even better.

If need be, water the bases of the flowers to make the same anchor firmly and establish stronger roots. As always, this is also the best time to introduce new growth or vegetation kinds. Check out for any that might be great in your area and likely to bring about added vegetation and plant it.


It goes without saying that the activities we have looked into above are by no means exhaustive. Feel free to examine and consider others if you find none of these relevant to your precise circumstance of use. Take into consideration the prevailing weather conditions of your area and the financial resource base you have before setting out.

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