Best Baby Clothes Checklist: All You Need To Have Before The Cute Arrival

Best Baby Clothes Checklist All You Need To Have Before The Cute Arrival

There is a lot to do when you are prepping for your baby’s arrival. Setting up the nursery, picking the baby’s name, choosing the color for the baby’s room, stocking up on necessities such as nappies, and last, but not the least, shopping for baby clothes can be both exciting and time-consuming. You might have even made a list from A-Z of all the stuff your baby is going to need when they are born. When it comes to shopping for baby clothes, there are a few must-haves that your baby will need for at least the first year after birth. Keeping in mind every little aspect of your baby’s life, we have curated a list of must-haves you are going to need before the big arrival.

1. Onesies


These jammies are great for when your little baby is sleeping or playing. They are extremely convenient for you as well as you don’t have to strip your baby completely naked when changing diapers. They will provide easy access whenever your baby needs a change of diaper. You may want to choose onesies that snap at the neck or down the front so that you will easily be able to undress your baby during a clothing change. For winters, you can go for onesies with cushioned inner lining and something with lightweight material for summers.

2. Sweaters And Jackets

Sweaters And Jackets

Your little one can easily catch a cold. And that’s why dressing them up for the appropriate weather becomes extremely important. Jackets and sweaters are your best picks to keep your baby warm during the cold winters.

Sweaters And Jackets1

They can come in intricate designs and patterns which may not be as comfortable for your baby. Make comfort your priority and choose those that preferably has an extra line of padding to keep your baby warm and snug.

3. Socks


Your baby is going to need lots of socks for 3 reasons. One, babies can spoil them easily if they have just learned to walk. Two, you will need an immediate change of pair if they become damp/wet. Three, one sock will always go missing from the pair no matter how careful you are. So, have a large collection because it ain’t gonna hurt nobody. These comfy socks will protect your baby’s delicate feet so they don’t catch a cold.

4. Cute Hats

Cute Hats

Babies need some fresh air and exposure to the outside world to build their immunity against dust, pollen, and dirt. Whether you are taking your baby out for an evening stroll in the park where it can get a bit chilly or a morning outing to get some sun, complete your baby’s outfit with an appropriate hat to protect them from the cold or to limit their exposure to direct sunlight.

5. Sleepers


Get four or five one-piece sleepers with long sleeves and full-length pants. Sleepers will keep your baby warm from head till toe so they sleep tight at night. Make sure they are of comfortable material and easy to change and has enough room for your baby to move around comfortably.

6. Mittens


Mittens will keep your baby’s tiny hands warm. They are little bags that you can put on your little one’s hands with elastic at the wrist. The best thing about mittens is they are easy to put on and take off. However, make sure you have an extra pair or two in case one gets wet.

7. Undershirts


Undershirts are the perfect clothing accessory if you are living in a colder environment. Undershirts are generally made of lightweight material that your baby can wear underneath other clothes. Generally made from high-quality woolen stuff, they also come in fancy designs in the market. However, our word of advice is to go for minimalistic designs over the fancy ones with intricate details as the embroidery work can cause your baby discomfort.

If you are confused about which brands to pick or where to shop, check if any of your favorite brands also manufacture baby clothing. Many brands offer high-quality baby clothes at affordable prices. And always remember to make the comfort of your baby the priority when you are shopping for your little munchkin.

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