Attract Abundance in Several Easy Steps

Do you attract abundance in your life or is your life focused on scarcity? If you find yourself struggling to have enough money to pay bills, enough time to enjoy your family or enough courage to do the things that will contribute to your success then you are not attracting abundance.

To Attract Abundance is to Eliminate Scarcity


• Lack of Money
• Lack of Time
• Cowardice
• Weakness
• Wishy-washy
• Ignorance
• Lack of Skills
• Lack of Education
• Lack of Love
• Lack of Friends
• Insecurity
• Sadness
• Lack of Space
• Poor Health
• Lack of Opportunity
• Lack of Initiative
• Despair


• Money
• Time
• Courage
• Strength
• Determination
• Knowledge
• Skills
• Education
• Love
• Friends
• Security
• Joy
• Space
• Excellent Health
• Opportunity
• Initiative
• Hope
• Energy

Lack of Energy

I am on a mission to help people everywhere attract abundance. Here is a way that you can shift the energy behind your particular scarcity to one of abundance. For this exercise, you will need paper and pen, headphones or earbuds and a source of music, a comfortable place to sit or lie down.

Attract Abundance with These Easy Steps

Identify Primary Areas of Scarcity

To attract abundance in your life you first must identify the three primary areas of your life that are lacking from the above chart. As an example, let’s use a lack of money, lack of time and sadness. Write down your three primary areas of scarcity.

Identify Secondary Areas of Scarcity

To attract abundance, let’s now identify the secondary areas that are contributing to the three primary areas of scarcity. For example, you know that you could have more money if you went back to school and obtained your degree. But you lack the initiative to take on the extra effort to go tonight or online school. So “lack of initiative” goes on your list. You also lack the time to study, so “lack of time” goes on your list. You know that you could have more time if you cut back on watching television at night. You already have “time” as an issue, so just leave it on the list. Now take a look at “sadness”. Perhaps what would give you joy instead of sadness is to indulge in an old hobby, painting. Why don’t you paint? Because you don’t have time (a recurring theme for the third time) or the “space” to paint. Add “lack of space” to your list and go to the next step. As you can see, there are connections among all three areas in this example. As you heal your list of issues, the healing will have an exponential effect on all three primary issues and help you attract abundance in these areas.

Have a Rest

Now you have a pretty good list of both primary and secondary issues of scarcity all written down. As I advise with every exercise, I want you to start out by settling into your comfortable chair or bed and listening to some instrumental music. It should be music that covers the entire musical scale—low notes and high notes. For this exercise and to attract abundance, listen to music for about 30 minutes.
Do Exercises

Now sit back and relax and start to breathe deeply. Breathe in through your nose, hold it for a few seconds and breathe out through your mouth. Do this for about 15 minutes.

Look through Your List

Relax and enjoy how that feels for a few minutes. To attract abundance, you should be in a very relaxed state. Look at the “scarcity items” on the list you have created and the accompanying antonyms: lack of money (abundance of money); lack of initiative (initiative); lack of time (time); sadness (joy); lack of space (space).

Frequency Pattern

There is a frequency pattern that exists for each of the things on your list. Start thinking of these items as different patterns of frequency. The frequency pattern is sort of like a set of fingerprints or a series of snowflakes—each one is absolutely unique. There are exclusive frequency patterns for each item of “scarcity” and for each item of “abundance”.


For each pair of items on this list, do the following. Say to yourself “there is a frequency pattern associated with “lack of money”; To attract abundance, I access this frequency pattern. (Feel how that feels for a few minutes.) Now say “I take the energy behind the frequency pattern of “lack of money” and I shift it to the newly-formed energy pattern of “abundance of money”.

Enjoy the Result

You may feel a shift in your physical body. This is just your own frequency pattern adjusting to the new patterns in your life. Now perform the same process on the remaining issues of scarcity shifting each of them to their opposite “abundance” term. Lie back and enjoy accessing your new abundance patterns. Feel how great it feels to have an abundance of money, initiative, an abundance of time, joy, and space in your life. I hope that you have found this process helpful.

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